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War Economy Recipe Book

Household Hints

Household Hints.

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When making scones add a tablespoon of cornflour, and they will be much finer and lighter.

When making a bread custard always soak the bread in milk first. This gives the custard a better flavour.

When cooking bacon dip in milk, then in flour, and fry. Greatly improves the flavour.

To make delicious celery salt take a large bunch of fresh celery leaves, wash and dry carefully, place in the oven and allow to bake until leaves are sufficiently crisp to rub into a fine powder. Put powdered leaves through a flour sieve, which reduces them to a still finer powder. Take the required amount of salt, put into airtight class jars with celery powder, and mix well. Will keep for a long time in airtight jars, and is excellent for flavouring purposes.

Nex time you make your window curtains have the top and bottom hems alike. If the lower part fades or wears you can easily reverse the curtains.

Non-Slip Floor Polish.

Place a small lump of polish in a bucket and pour sufficient boiling water over it till dissolved. Add soapy water and wash floor as usual.

A safe way where there are children.


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