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Early Wellington

Shipping Arrivals

Shipping Arrivals.

Ships and passengers arriving about this time were:—

“Harrington”: Messrs. Adams, Chamberlain; Gordon; G. Hawkins; Jackson; Sturgeon; and Watson.

“Himalaya”: Messrs. Barrett; S. Levy; D. Wakefield; and R. Walker.

“James”: Messrs. Golding; and C. Harvey.

“Lapwing”: Messrs. McFarlane and McPherson.

“Lucy Sharp”: Messrs. P. C. M. Mounsey; W. A. Wansey; and M. Fie.

“Mandarin”: Messrs. R. Blomfield; S. Cully; Creag; J. Cooke; Cankwell; W. Cook; Geo. Compton; Durn; Denora; de Witte; J. Fuller; W. Frazer; G. Fleury; W. Figgis; C. Faulkner; J. Herklets; Hay (2); H. Handur; J. and T. Kebble; G. W. F. Ladbrooke; J. T. Mitford.

“Mary” (Capt. Kemp): Messrs. C. Broderick; R. and G. Hart; Capt. Ursula; and Mr. Ward-Parker.

The “Prince Rupert,” 400 tons, commanded by Capt. H. E. Atkinson, left Gravesend on the 20th April, and sailed from the Isle of Wight on the 11th May, 1841. She arrived in September, with 15 married couples, 12 single men, 4 single women, 17 children under fourteen, 14 under seven and 6 under one. The register was certified by Mr. W. F. Alston, surgeon superintendent. The passengers were:—

Name Age Wife's Age No. of Children
Barnes, Wm. and Ann
Barnes, Thos., 14; M. Ann 18
Bennett, Thos. and Susan 1
Bromwich, Sam and Ann 5
Bromwich, Charlotte 15
Burt, Thomas
Coley, Wm. and Mary 4
Currin, Richd. and Ann 4
Day, Wm. and Esther 4
Day, Thomas, 22; John 20
Fall, Winyard
Hawkins, Henry and Sarah 1
Herbert, Ben. and M. Ann 1
Hockey, Ch. and Charlotte 4
Hockey, Ben, 27; William 21
Ludlow, Fred 19
Malsbury, Wm. and Eliza. 2
Marshall, John and Ann 22
Newman, Fredk 22
Petherick, John and Sarah 2
Ring, Wm. and Ann 3
Stickley, Thos. and Louiza A. 3
Watchman, Chas. 19
Whitta, Wm 20
Certified correct,

W. F. Alston