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Early Wellington

Arrival of the “Tyne.”

Arrival of the “Tyne.”

The “Tyne, 500 tons, commanded by Capt. Chas. Robertson, which sailed from London, March, 1841, arrived at Port Nicholson in July with 30 married couples, 16 single men, 13 single women, 17 children under fourteen, 7 under seven, and 3 under one. The names of the passengers were:—

Name Age Wife's Age No. of Children
Bennett, Thomas and Susan 2
*Bromwich, Sam, Ann and C. 4
Burt, Joseph 3
Bush, Wm. and Jane 4
Cole, John and Mary Ann
Copeland, Geo. and Susannah 1
Craig, James and Agnes 4
Craig, Robert, 19; John 16
Currin, Richard and Anne 4
Derram, Wm. and Susannah
Derram, Mary, 34; James 22
Derram, John, 20; Susan 17
Hart, Edward and Sara 1
Hart, Sara, 18; Ed. 14
Hart, Herbert, Ben and M. Ann
*Hockey, Ch. and Wife 4
Hockey, Ann, Ben and Wm.
King, Wm. and Eliza 2
Malsbury, Wr. and Eliza
*Mannering, J. and Sophia
McDonald, Jas. and Jane
McDonald, Alex, 18; Christina 16
Murray, John and Mary 5
Murray, Alexander 16
Phillips, John and Frances 5
Rankin, Alex and Eliz 2
Rankin, Mary, 19; A., 17; W. 15½ page 93
Ring, Wiliam and Wife 3
Row, Simon and Susannah 1
Row, Wm., 20; Geo., 18; Sam 17
Row, Elizabeth, 17; Simon 15
Row, Mary, 14; Martha 14
Sansom, Rob and Ann 4
Stokes, John and Ann 2
Stokes, Louisa, 22; Jesse 19
Stokes, Uriah, 17; Reuben 14
Summox, Wm. and Eliza 3
Summox, Frances, 15; Mary A. 15
Tovey, Ann
Walsh, Ed. and Mary Ann 4
Windsor, Chas. and Mary