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Early Wellington

Arrival of the Ship “London.”

Arrival of the Ship “London.”

On the 12th December, 1840, the ship “London” arrived from England with 200 passengers. Among the latter was Mr. Frederick Alonzo Carrington, who held the appointment of Chief Surveyor to the Plymouth Company.

The ship “London,” 700 tons, commanded by Captain H. Shuttleworth, sailed from Gravesend on the 13th August, 1840, and arrived in January, 1841, with 119 adults, 68 children under fourteen, and 10 under the age of one.

Six births and four deaths occurred on board.

The passenger list is as follows:—

Name No. of Children
Attenbury, Martha
Baird, James
Barber, Thomas and Susannah 3
Berry, Fred T. and E. Jane
Birrell, John
Blyth, James and Isabella
Brown, Frances
Burt, Fenny W. and Ann 2
Chetham, Wm. and Sarah
Collett, Henry and Eliza
Cummerfield, J. and Mary 4
Curtis, Geo. and Priscilla 5
Dean, William
Dolan, Margaret
Downing, Ellen
Duffy, John
Emery, Wm. and Martha 1
Fell, Wm. and Elizabeth 4
Fox, Matthew
Giddings, Richard and Jane 2
Gilberd, Wm. Foale and J. 3
Gough, Timothy and Mary
Gough, Margaret
Grettan, Thomas H. 2
Hales, John
Hay, Wm. and Eliza
Henderson, Thos. and Cath.
* Howe, Mary 1
Howell, Sim and Elizabeth
Jarvis, Henry
Kelt, James and Elizabeth
King, John and Katherine 1
Levet, Gardener
Light, John H. and Mary 1
Lowrie, Joseph
Marks, Catherine
McFarlane, Henry
McFarlane, Mary
McIntosh, J. and Mary
McIntosh, Alex and Marg. 7
Miller, Chas and Ann
Minnihan, Jeremy and M. Ann
Morris, Cornelius and Mary
Morris, Ellen, 16; and Anne, 14
Nairne, Chas. Joseph
Neil, Wm. and Bridget
Neil, Ellen, 14; *Edward
Nunn, Ann
Overend, Hen. and Elizabeth
Parker, Wm. and Harriet
Parks, Ann, 25
Perrin, Rhoda, 26
Pilkington, Michael and Ann
Pringle, Alex, 17
Ryan, Michael and M. Ann
Scott, Wm. and Margaret
Seymour, John, 28
*Seymour, James and Frances 2
Signall, Wm. and Deborah 3
Sindles, Stephen, 17
Stanton, Margaret 1
Symons, John and Mary 4
Tomlinson, Richard. 18
Turner, Mary page 74
Wakefield, Eliza
Wakefield, Susan and Isabella
Ward, James, 27
Welch, Henry and Mary
Welch, Edward, 18; and Francis, 15
Welch, Elizabeth Delahey (widow) 3
Williams, Susannah, 18
Youlton, James, 14; J., 27
  To Mrs. Welch, 2nd October.
  To Mrs. Geddings, 22nd October.
  To Mrs. Howell, 28th October.
  To Mrs. Emery, 1st. November.
  To Mrs. Parker, 19th November.
  To Mrs. Overend, 28th November.
  Henderson, 20th September.
  Hay, 24th September.
  Fell, 29th September.
  Howe, 1st. November.