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Early Wellington

A Civic Reception

A Civic Reception.

The first French man-of-war to come in the harbour since the formation of the Colony, arrived on the 12th May, 1843, and was greeted with a salute from the shore.

Commander Bérard landed on Te Aro beach on the 14th, being received by the Mayor, Aldermen and others, and at 10 o'clock went to the Town Hall (fig. 39), where the Mayor read an address in English, rendered in French by Alderman Fitzherbert, and signed by the Mayor.

This letter was answered on the 21st May.

The undermentioned vessels and their passengers were among some of the arrivals during the year 1843:—

“City of London”: Mr. Houghton.

“Fyfe”: Judge Martin and Mr. Wm. Fox.

page 118

“Governor”: Messrs. W. Tankersley and J. Walden.”

“H.M.S. Hazard.”

“Lady Leigh”: Mr. Wm. Fitzherbert.

“North Star”: Captain Best and Mr. F. D. Bell.

“Phoebe”: Messrs. J. Boddington, J. Smith (Councillor); Rev. J. Duncan.

“Tyrian”: Messrs. G. and L. Levy and Crempton.

“Ursula”: Messrs. Atkinson; F. Dillon Bell (Asst. Secretary to the New Zealand Company); Budder; Couper; P. Hunt; Huntrace, Flitcher; Frazer; W. Spinks; J. Walton; I. Windsor; Withers.

“William Stoveld”: Mr. Wm. Dunn.