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Early Wellington

Anniversary Day

Anniversary Day.

The Third Anniversary was celebrated with great éclat. £150 was subscribed for the amusements, and a large number of natives were persuaded by Mr. Halswell and others to attend.

Pomare, the chief of the Ngatimutunga who had six or seven years before forsaken this place for the Chatham Islands, and his eldest son, besides Richard Davis and Te Puni, were all among the throng who came in front of the stand to go through their war-dance before the ladies and the Acting-Governor (Mr. Short-land) and his wife.

Wi Tako led the speeches, and Te Puni recited an old Maori legend, starting in the accustomed dirge-like manner, and working up to an impassioned climax, finally to head them in a sham charge down the Pa, about a hundred yards off, where they dispersed.

A rifle match was an event of the day. Mr. Moore won at 50 yards; Mr. Suistead at 100 yards; and Mr. Crawford at 150 yards.

The flax cleaning expert prize for Maoris was competed for by 43 candidates; the time limit was 15 minutes. The prize was won by E. Tuna, 21bs. 5¾ oz., and Ko Taweri (the same quantity) so the amount of the prize, five pounds, was divided.

The teetotallers had a pleasant party and a tea-meeting at Wilkinson's gardens * (Oriental Bay).

* N.Z. Journal, 8th July, 1843, p. 177.