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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, Wednesday morning, 10th April

Reigate, Wednesday morning, 10th April.

My Dear Wynter,

—The post brings a letter from Lord Lyttelton, charging me to deliver the enclosed, which I page 255cannot do immediately because a first-rate colonist is coming to breakfast with me.

But I almost know its contents, from what I heard in London about Maddock's refusal, and the despair of committee-men and colonists. Whether it goes further than I did last night I cannot tell: but whatever its exact purport, it is evidently sent through me, in order that I may urge its object. That was done with a pen last night by anticipation. I will go to you as soon as possible this morning. Meanwhile some impulse forces me to say—If you feel your honor engaged to give us a good man in time—and if Maddock won't—the decision first and discussion afterwards would be the happiest course for every body. And it is not necessary that a Bishop or a Grovernor-General's wife should go with her husband the first time of his going. The chief Presbyterian clergyman of Australia has sailed round the world six times in pursuit of the planting of his Church.