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Nga Mahi A Te Hinota Tuarua O Te Pihopatanga O Waiapu. I Whakaminea Ki Waerengaahika, Turanga. 5 Hanuere, 1863.

[A Statute To Provide For The Constitution Of A Standing Committee For The Synod Of The Diocese Of Waiapu.]

Whereas in Statute 5 of the General Synod, Preamble. "For the appointment of Pastors to Parishes," it is provided that certain powers of the Diocesan Synod shall, when the Diocesan Synod is not in session, be vested in the Standing Committee of such Synod; And whereas there are other powers, which may be exercised by such Standing Committee: Be it therefore resolved by the Bishops, Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Waiapu, in Synod assembled, as follows:—
1.The Standing Committee for the Synod of the Diocese of Constitution of Standing Committee. Waiapu shall consist of the Bishop of Waiapu for the time being, the Archdeacon of Waiapu for the time being, together with one other Clergyman, and three Laymen.page 58
2.Election of Members. The one Clergyman and the three Laymen shall be elected every year by the Diocesan Synod.
3.Convener. Meetings of the Committee shall be called by the Bishop, or, in his absence, by his Commissary specially authorized thereto.
4.Quorum. All the powers of such Standing Committee may be exercised by any three or more members attending a meeting, which has been duly called by the Bishop or his Commissary.
5.Standing Committee for ensuing year. The following persons shall be the Members of the Standing Committee for the ensuing year: The Bishop of Waiapu, the Archdeacon of Waiapu, Rev. T. Huata, Anaru Matete, Hirini Te Kani, and Wiremu Pere.
6.Resignation. Any member of this Standing Committee may resign his seat by letter addressed to the Bishop, or, in his absence, to the Archdeacon of Waiapu; and upon the receipt of such resignation by the Bishop or by the Archdeacon, the seat of such member shall become vacant.
7.Filling up of vacancy. If the seat of any Clerical or Lay member of the Standing Committee become vacant by death, resignation, or otherwise, the remaining members of the Committee shall elect some fit person, being a member of the Synod, to fill the vacant seat.
8.Absence of the Bishop. In case of the death or absence of the Bishop, his place shall be filled by his Commissary.
9.Minutes of Proceedings to be laid before the synod. Minutes of all Proceedings of the Standing Committee shall be entered in a book, and when the Diocesan Synod shall be in session, such book shall be laid before the Synod.page 59
10. The following shall be the business of the Duties of Standing Committee. Standing Committee;
(1.) Any business entrusted to it by the Statutes of the General Synod.
(2.) To recommend to the General Synod (when the Diocesan Synod is not in Session) suitable persons as Trustees for any property, which has been made over to the Church.
(3.) To keep the accounts of the Endowment Funds for Clergymen in this Diocese.
(4.) To prepare business for future Sessions of the Synod.

Passed by the Synod,

January 9, 1863.

W. Waiapu,