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War Surgery and Medicine

List of Illustrations

page xiii

List of Illustrations

Casualties in reception tent of MDS near Sidi Rezegh J. S. Harper
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6 ADS, El Mreir A. H. Thomas
5 MDS, Alamein K. G. Killoh
5 MDS, near Cassino K. G. Killoh
1 NZ CCS, Presenzano A. W. Douglas
Wounded on Nissan Island, Pacific US Marine Corps (J. Sarno)
Bren carrier with wounded, Senio NZ Army Official (G. F. Kaye)
Patients on stretcher-jeep, Cassino NZ Array Official (G. R. Bull)
Evacuation of abdominal case, Tripolitania A. W. Douglas
Air evacuation, Tunisia NZ Army Official (H. Paton)
Mobile Surgical Unit equipment van NZ Army Official
British FSU at 1 NZ CCS, Gabes D. Waterston
NZ FSU, amputation of leg, Italy A. W. Douglas
Collecting blood from donors, Tobruk D. T. Stewart
Resuscitation room, 4 MDS, Faenza NZ Army Official (J. G. Brown)
Operating theatre, 1 NZ CCS team at MDS, Alamein Line S. L. Wilson
Operating theatre, 4 MDS, Alamein Line N. M. Gleeson
Application of a Thomas splint, 6 MDS, Cassino NZ Army Official (G. R. Bull)
Bomb casualty, Alamein K. G. Killoh
Abdominal operation, 1 NZ CCS team at 5 MDS, Alamein K. G. Killoh
Operation on severe leg injury A. Aikenhead
Post-operative treatment for abdominal injury, 1 NZ CCS, Forli K. G. Killoh
Ward of abdominal cases, 1 NZ CCS, Gabes D. Water ston
Tented ward, 1 NZ CCS, Tamet British Official
Tobruk splint NZ Army Official (G. R. Bull)
Saline bath unit, Helwan W. M. Manchester page xiv
X-ray Department, 3 NZ General Hospital, Beirut NZ Army Official (M. D. Elias)
Kramer wire abduction frame, prisoner-of-war hospital, Athens J. Borrie
Calipers and splints, prisoners of war, Germany J. Borrie
The fly menace, Alamein NZ Army Official (H. Paton)
28 NZ Battalion showers, Cassino C. N. D'Arcy
Lecture to anti-malaria squads in Italy K. G. Killoh
Malaria Control Unit, Guadalcanal NZ Army Official
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PLASTIC SURGERY SECTION (16 pages) compiled by W. M. Manchester from his photographic records L. E. Horn and M. Young
List of Maps and Diagrams
Facing page
Alamein to Tunis, with sites of 1 NZ Casualty Clearing Station, New Zealand General Hospitals, and air evacuation centres 35
Italy, with sites of 1 NZ CCS, New Zealand General Hospitals, and air evacuation centres 69
Italy, malarious areas 519
In text
Layout of MDS of 6 NZ Field Ambulance, Alamein Line, July 1942 51
Plan of operating theatre, 5 NZ Field Ambulance, Italy 63
Plan of ADS Reception Tent, 6 NZ Field Ambulance, Cassino 70
Diagram of chain and methods of evacuation, Italy, 1944 80
Layout of MDS of 5 NZ Field Ambulance, Alamein, 24 October 1942 82
Plan of MDS Reception Department, 5 NZ Field Ambulance 83
Layout of 1 NZ Mobile Casualty Clearing Station, Presenzano, Italy, 1944 86
Cross-section of limb in Tobruk splint, New Zealand pattern 288
South-west Pacific, malarious areas 529
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