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Prisoners of War

List of Illustrations

page xviii

List of Illustrations

United States troops arriving at the gates of Oflag 79 at Brunswick on 12 April 1945 I. McD. Matheson
Following page 126
The guard tower of Stalag 383 R. H. Blanchard
Prisoners from Greece and Crete leaving Kokkinia Hospital for Germany, 1941 A. J. Spence
British prisoners of war marching back from Sfakia to Galatas, Crete from a German publication
‘Shellfire Wadi’, near Sidi Rezegh P. Curtis collection
The compound at Bardia, 1941 British Official
After three months in the main transit camp at Benghazi, 1942 H. R. Dixon
Delousing in Campo PG 57, Gruppignano M. Lee Hill
Lined up for rations, Campo PG 57, 1942 W. A. Weakley
Blowers heating up a meal, Stalag IIIA, Luckenwalde J. H. Wilkinson collection
Play acting in Campo PG 52, Chiavari, 1942
Inside an Italian working camp on the Austrian border—from a sketch by A. G. Douglas
Campo PG 57, Gruppignano, in April 1943—from a sketch by A. G. Douglas
Ready for evacuation from Italy to Germany, September 1943 M. Lee Hill
To Germany in a cattle truck M. Lee Hill
Mess queue for British civilian internees in Ilag VIII, Tost, Germany International Red Cross
Working party, Stalag XXA, Thorn, Poland, 1941 International Red Cross Following page 142
Interrogation camp—Dulag Luft, Oberursel J. M. Garrett collection
Living quarters for a working camp in Germany—from a sketch by A. G. Douglas
A village in the Sudetenland E. C. Cottrell collectionpage xix
Following page 142
‘Barbed-wire fever’—a cartoon by J. Welch
Between the barracks of Stalag VIIIA at Görlitz F. Crandle collection
A barrack interior at Stalag VIIIA F. Crandle collection
Christmas Eve 1943 inside the perimeter wire, Stalag 383, Bavaria R. H. Blanchard
Half of Stalag 383 from the sentry box on the north side R. H. Blanchard
Stalag 383—Winter in Germany, 1943–44 R. H. Blanchard
Stalag 383—The restlessness of spring R. H. Blanchard
Stalag 383—Mud after the thaw R. H. Blanchard
Stalag 383—Hut interior at night R. H. Blanchard
Stalag 383—‘At the tables’ A. H. Kyle collection
Stalag 357 at Fallingbostel—Ablution stand for a group of over 1000 men J. M. Garrett collection
Stalag 357—Dividing up swede peelings from the German mess J. M. Garrett collection
Stalag XVIIIA at Wolfsberg, Austria—An Anzac Day parade in 1943 J. Ledgerwood collection
Stalag XVIIIA—The shoemakers' shop J. Ledgerwood collection
Shakespeare played at Oflag VIIB, at Eichstaett G. R. Cowie collection
Oflag VIIB—Another play G. R. Cowie collection
The handicrafts section of an arts and crafts exhibition at Stalag 383 R. H. Blanchard Following page 322
Manacles used by the Germans on Allied prisoners of war as a reprisal for British action in tying the hands of German prisoners taken in the Dieppe raid
Hut interior at Stalag 383 A. J. Spence
Lunch from Red Cross parcels R. H. Blanchard
A hut scene after transfer from Italy to Germany, drawn by A. G. Douglas during captivity
A cartoon on escaping, drawn by J. Welch
The punishment fortress of Campo PG 5, Gavi, Italy C. N. Armstrong collection
Brigadier James Hargest in his disguise as a French railwayman permission Michael Joseph Ltd
Passo Moro, over which some of the escapers from Italian camps crossed into Switzerland P. W. Bates collectionpage xx
Following page 322
A Swiss frontier post D. J. Gibbs collection
Escaped prisoners' footwear after reaching Switzerland P. W. Bates collection
Men from Stalag 383 at Etehausen during the forced march south R. H. Blanchard
A rest during a forced march M. Lee Hill
Liberated prisoners waiting to be flown from Landshut airstrip to the United Kingdom R. H. Blanchard collection
C. B. Burdekin, OBE, head of the prisoner-of-war welfare section of New Zealand House, London
Prisoners of war repatriated from Italy in May 1942 reading mail at Maadi NZ Army, M. D. Elias
At Cracow, in Poland, before being transported by the Russians to Odessa W. A. Weakley
Reception at 2 NZEF (UK) Reception Group, a cartoon by J. Welch
Outside the sergeants' mess at the Reception Group Wing at Folkestone R. H. Blanchard
Following page 338
On the Andes on the voyage home R. H. Blanchard
Home again NZ Army, F. A. Marriott
A Japanese press officer at Shanghai Internment Camp from a Japanese propaganda paper
The Argyll Street Camp, Hong Kong International Red Cross
Selarang Barracks, Singapore, crowded by the Japanese with 17,000 prisoners of war because they had refused to sign pledges not to escape Australian War Memorial
Four scenes in Selarang Barracks A. H. Harding collection
Changi Jail, Singapore Australian War Memorial
Women's quarters inside the crypt of Changi Jail—painted by Gladys Tompkins during captivity
Prisoners of war working on a hillside in Japan M. Menzies collection
Unloading sick prisoners from sampans at Chungkai—a painting by J. B. Chalker
The Kwei Noi River, seen from a northbound train, Thailand, in October 1945 Australian War Memorial
Hospital ward—Thailand Railway, painted by Murray Griffin
A trestle bridge on the Burma-Thailand Railway Australian War Memorial page xxi
Following page 338
Malnutrition case from Hong Kong on a hospital ship The Far East Prisoner of War Social Club
A German internee in New Zealand NZ Army, F. A. Marriott
Japanese prisoners of war in the Wairarapa, New Zealand Dept Internal Affairs, John Pascoe