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Pacific Kiwis: being the story of the service in the Pacific of the 30th Battalion, Third Division, Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force

Battalion Headquarters

Battalion Headquarters

  • Lieutenant-Colonel Pattullo, H. A.
  • Major Ross, W. R.
  • Lieutenant Coles, A. A.
  • Lieutenan Irvin, I. F.
  • Lieutenan Adams, L. E.
  • Warrant-Officer First-class Dagger, R. S.
  • Sergeant Griffiths, C. D.
  • Sergeant McLean, D. W. F.
  • Sergeant Smith, N. F.
  • Private Adams, C. R.
  • Private Barmett, J. B.
  • Private Cameron, W. J.
  • Private Cribb, C. E.
  • Private Hayward, T. E.
  • Private Lupton, F. R.
  • Private McAuley, H. G.
  • Private Morgan, H. T.
  • Private Miller, A. H.
  • Private Riggs, S. D.
  • Private Schrader, E. A.
  • Private Sylvester, D. S.
  • Private Ware, G. A.
  • Private Warner, J. E.
  • Private West, F. H.
  • Private White, L. W.
  • Chaplain Captain West H. W.
  • Lieutenant Mclver, J. L.
  • Second-Lieutenant Anderson, J. F. G.
  • Sergeant Harrow, C. A.
  • Corporal Laing, L. E.
  • Corporal Simpson, G.
  • Corporal Tong R.
  • Private Anderson, H. G.
  • Private Baker, H. G.
  • Private Battley. T. H.
  • Private Clark, D. J.
  • Private Cockle, F. M. T.
  • Private Collinge, W. M.
  • Private Dyer, J. H.
  • Private Fisher, F. W.
  • Private Fitzgerald, D. P.
  • Private Gamble, W. A.
  • Private Gare, L. W.
  • Private Hanry, J.
  • Private James, S. A.
  • Private Osborne, I. H.
  • Private Payne, L. C.
  • Private Pearson, C. F.
  • Private Peat, R.A.
  • Private Piggott, A. W.
  • Private Rodden, J. R.
  • Private Ryan, P. C.
  • Private Scott, I. K. J.
  • Private Stewart. G. R.
  • Private Taylor, W.
  • Private Tooman, P. A.
  • Private Vincent, R. H.
  • Private Warne M. B.
  • Private Webb A. J.
  • Private Webb, A. J.
  • Private Ogg, W. J.
  • Private Rogers, A. A.