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Headquarters: a brief outline of the activities of headquarters of the third division and the 8th and 14th Brigades during their service in the Pacific

Nominal Roll 8th Brigade Headquarters And Defence Platoon

page 68

Nominal Roll 8th Brigade Headquarters And Defence Platoon

The following roll has been prepared from records available, and may not be complete, particularly as to personnel who were on headquarters in Fiji only. A number of officers held more than one appointment at various times and they are shown in the senior appointment held with the headquarters. Other ranks are shown in order of rank. All officers, including attached, have been included, but it has not been possible to give the names of other attached personnel.

Brigade Commanders

  • Brigadier Goss, L. G., US Legion of Merit
  • Brigadier Goss Hunt, F. L., OBE
  • Brigadier Goss Row, R. A., DSO and Bar, US Legion of Merit

Brigade Majors

  • Major Biss, G. H
  • Major Bracewell, J. G. S.
  • Major Cameron, W. B.
  • Major Eyre R. J.
  • Major Macarthur., I. H.
  • Major Reidy, J. M.
  • Captain (T/Major) Louden, K. E., MC

Staff Captains

  • Captain Fitzpatrick, N. L
  • Captain Naismith, S. H
  • Lieutenant Tnpp, C. W. H.

Intelligence Officers

  • Captain Berry, J. L.
  • Captain West, H. G.

Transport Officers

  • Captain Davey, O. G.
  • Lieutenant Siddall, A.

Liaison Officers

  • Captain Alison, A.
  • Captain McGee, R. H.
  • Lieutenant Henderson, H. A.
  • Lieutenant Leuchars, W. D.
  • LieutenantProcter, E.
  • Lieutenant Rogers A. S
  • Lieutenant Smith, G. F.
  • Lieutenant Soanes, R. B.
  • Second-Lieutenant Burton, E. D.

Reconnaissance Platoon Officer

  • Second-Lieutenant Hodgson, G. P.

Camp Commandants And OC Defence Platoon

  • Captain Whatman, M.P.
  • Lieutenant Fitness, D. T.
  • Lieutenant Kerr, H. A.
  • Lieutenant Laing, W.

Signals Officer

  • Captain Graters, R. A.
  • Captain Parkhouse, G. M.
  • Captain Wilson, K. H.
  • Lieutenant O'Hara, G.
  • Lieutenant Gowlana, P. L.
  • Second-Lieutenant Korte, F. A

Supply Officers

  • Captain Edgerley, T. R.
  • Captain Lamont, A.

Ordnance Mechanical Engineers

  • Captain Keenan, R. St. J.
  • Captain Tilly, A. E.
  • Lieutenant Signal, E. J. R.


  • Reverend Teffreys, H. H.
  • Reverend Osborne-Brown, W. St. A.
  • Reverend Pierce, J. C.

Army Educational Welfareservice

  • Lieutenant Hewland, J. L.

The following officers and other ranks were attached to headquarters for special duties during the Treasury operation;—

Captain Collins, L. B. Sergeant Coates, J.
Captain Lawrence, R. S. Sergeant Cowan, W. A., DCM
Captain Silk B. M. Sergeant Grace, G. J. A.
Lieutenant Hayter, D. G. Sergeant Lee, A. B.
WOII Tremain, A. C. Sergeant Orwin, F. R.
Staff-Sergeant Brown, R. W. Sergeant Smith, P. W. P.
Staff-Sergeant Hay, E. W. Sergeant Sturmer, D. V.
Staff-Sergeant Munro, C. R. Sergeant Taylor, S. N.
Sergeant Bass, W. R. Corporal Bradley, K.
Sergeant Boyce, M. B. Corporal Drage, A. J.
Sergeant Chamberlain, E. A., BEM Corporal Dunnet, K. J.page 69
Corporal Finer, K. F Private Hovell, C. S. N.
Corporal Hamilton, E. A. Private Hurcomb, A. E.
Corporal Harris, L. N. E. Private Johnson, S. R.
Corporal Lane, C. T. Private Keats, T. H.
Corporal Macaulay, J. A. N. Private Keen, H. J.
Corporal McLeod, M. N. Private Kidd, E. S.
Corporal Ramsay, B. J. Private Lamb, R. C.
Corporal Reid, D. W. Private Landrigan, P. J.
Corporal Ruddell, S. L. Private Leigh, D. H.
Corporal Sheeny, M. M. Private Long, G. S.
Corporal Sklenars, D. E. Private McBurnie, A. J.
Corporal Smith, W. J. Private McCausland, H. R.
Corporal Stephen, R. R. Private McFall, R. P.
Corporal Wyse, D. E. Private McGarvie, D. J.
Lance-Corporal Cook, W. J. Private McHutchon, A.
Lance-Corporal Gilkison, N. F. Private McMillan, A. J.
Lance-Corporal Lay, J- D. Private McNeill, W. H.
Lance-Corporal McKenzie, B. C. Private Mischewski, G. P.
Lance-Corporal Miller, R. W. Private Moncrieff, J. W.
Lance-Corporal Rendle, A. E. Private Neame, S. H. J.
Lance-Corporal Rendle, W. H. Private Niven, M. A.
Lance-Corporal Valller, C. J. Private O'Brien, M. R.
Lance-Corporal White, T. H. Private O'Keefe, L. W.
Private Allan, J. L. Private O'Reilly, M. T.
Private Anderson, D. M. Private Packer, H. R.
Private Asher, W. M. Private Parkes, A. W.
Private August, L. P. Private Parsons, N. H.
Private Bennett, N. Private Peachey, F. K.
Private Black, J. Private Penny, C.
Private Black, J. W. Private Penny, R. V. J.
Private Blackhall, A. Private Plant, S.
Private Bogust, A. Private Pole, b. J. M.
Private Bootten, M. Private Rash, D. W.
Private Bremner, F. J. Private Ray, W. G.
Private Brown, F. H. Private Read, J. A.
Private Burn, J. C. Private Reed, A. B.
Private Burnett, L. B. Private Roberts, J.
Private Burns, A. Private Robertson, K.
Private Burr, K. Private Robinson, H. G.
Private Carrol, S. J. Private Roderique, R. E.
Private Cavanagh, M. E. Private Rusden, C. M.
Private Connolly, J. F. J. Private Ryder, J.
Private Critchfield, H. C. C. Private Sadler, R T.
Private Crockett, F. M. Private Sanders, J. I
Private Crowley, C. J. Private Seanlon, F. E.
Private Curne, J. Private Scott, W. E.
Private Dick, R. A. Private Seville, W.
Private Dix, C. E. Private Sharp, F. J.
Private Dixon, C. A. Private Sharpe, R. J.
Private Doherty, W. J. Private Shaw, W. R.
Private Donovan, M. H. Private Silson, T. F
Private Ewan, W. T. S. Private Skipworth, F. H. V.
Private Fehsenfeld, A. E. Private Smith, E. A. A.
Private Fletcher, W. D. Private Soanes, H. C.
Private Fromherz, M. A. G. Private Stewart, R. I.
Private Gaylard, H. S. Private Stilt, M.
Private Gibson, L. A Private Sylvester, H. B.
Private Gordon, O. H. Private Tacon, W. R.
Private Graham, D. P. m Private Taylor, A. G.
Private Hancock, J. I. Private Taylor, L.
Private Hawthorn, R. A. Private Tetley J C.
Private Heaney, P. A. Private Tucker, C. D.
Private Heaney, W. G. Private Tunnicliffe, H. B.
Private Henderson, R. W. Private Turner, G. W. G.
Private Hottgkinson, D. Private Veitch, D. W. H.
Private Hornsey, M. W.