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Pacific Commandos: New Zealanders and Fijians in Action. A history of Southern Independent Commando and First Commando Fiji Guerrillas

Appendix IV

page 161

Appendix IV

Members of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate Defence Force who were attached to First Commando Fiji Guerrillas for the New Georgia operation:—

Lieutenant A.G. K. Crass Private Kanafea
Lieutenant L. Barrow Private Kwaisifu
Corporal Gumu Private Ladoi
Lanee-corporal Bingiti Private Maomaoasi
Lanee-corporal Sisili Private Maelalo
Lanee-corporal Surukwana Private Molea
Lanee-corporal Tobi Private Muga
Private Abuita Private Onoi
Private Duti Private Baselo
Private Ebi Private Ratu
Private Ferelau Private Samiai
Private Gori Private Todona
Private Kaluomea Private Walele

These Solomon Islanders were specially selected by Lieutenants Crass and Barrow from the original two hundred members of the "Dukwasi" unit.

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