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Pacific Commandos: New Zealanders and Fijians in Action. A history of Southern Independent Commando and First Commando Fiji Guerrillas

Appendix II

page 156

Appendix II

  • Special Party which embarked at Suva on 11th December, 1942 for the Solomon Islands:—
    • Captain D. E. Williams, 2 N.Z.E.F.
    • Lieutenant D. Chambers, 2 N.Z.E.F.
    • Sergeant S. I. Heckler, 2 N.Z.E.F.
    • Sergeant L. V. Jackson, 2 N.Z.E.F.
    • Sergeant M. V. Kells, 2 N.Z.E.F.
    • Sergeant R. H. Morrison, 2 N.Z.E.F.
    • Sergeant F. E. Williams, 2 N.Z.E.F.
    • Sergeant J. C. Kingdom, F.M.F. (European)
    • Staff-Sergeant N. Uraia, F.M.F.
    • Sergeant I. Bale, F.M.F.
    • Corporal T. Aisake, F.M.F.
    • Corporal D. Apisai, F.M.F,
    • Corporal L. Emosi, F.M.F.
    • Corporal N. Esala, F.M.F.
    • Corporal L. Luke, F.M.F.
    • Corporal R. Jone, F.M.F.
    • Corporal Y. Petero, F.M.F.
    • Corporal C. Sailasa, F.M.F.
    • Corporal K. Sailasa, F.M.F.
    • Corporal D. Semi, F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal Q. Alivio F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal R. Apeti, F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal V. Inoke, F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal W. Josaia, F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal D. Kosiano, F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal R. Kitione, F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal E. Saketa, F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal E. Tui, F.M.F.
    • Lance-Corporal M. Wangga, F.M.F.
    • Private S. Leone, F.M.F.