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The New Zealand Dental Services

Northern, Central and Southern Military Districts

Northern, Central and Southern Military Districts

Most of the district organisation is easily understood by examining the diagram on page 46. The areas mentioned are geographical military divisions, and it will be noticed that all areas did not have a dental section attached to them. In such cases an area was serviced by a conveniently situated Air Force dental section, a mobile section, or possibly a caravan trailer section. Possibly it might already have a section there under a different name, as was the case with Area 4, in which Ngaruawahia Camp was located. There are one or two other organisations that need some explanation, such as the Camp Dental Group at Linton, the maxillo-facial injuries section at Burwood and the mobile dental sections. Before giving details of these it is necessary to include a description of the Territorial Force which, by the time these establishments were authorised, had played a part in moulding NZDC policy.