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The New Zealand Dental Services


page 403

Appendix I

(Extract from New Zealand Gazette No. 20, 24 February 1916)


Liverpool, Governor

In pursuance and exercise of the powers and authorities conferred on me by the Defence Act, 1909, and its amendments, I, Arthur William de Brito Savile, Earl of Liverpool, the Governor of the Dominion of New Zealand, do hereby make the following additional regulations to those for the Military Forces of New Zealand made on the twenty-second day of December, one thousand nine hundred and thirteen, and published in the New Zealand Gazette on the twenty-third day of January, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen; and I do hereby declare that these regulations shall come into force as from the date of publication thereof in the Gazette.

Section XVI—The New Zealand Dental Corps


692. The New Zealand Dental Corps shall consist of—


Administrative Officers: (a) Director of Dental Services, ranking as Lieut.-Colonel; and (b) two Assistant Directors of Dental Services, ranking as Majors.

The Administrative Officers shall rank as Staff Officers.


Executive Officers, ranking as Majors, Captains, and Lieutenants, shall be employed—(a) with the troops at the front; (b) with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force Reinforcements in camps or on His Majesty's New Zealand transports in such proportion as the Minister of Defence considers necessary; and (c) as principal dental officers of military districts.

Under category (2b) as many dental mechanics as may be considered necessary may be appointed, with the ranks of Sergeant and Sergeant-major.


Civilian dentists for duty in Districts: Civilian dentists will be appointed by the Director of Dental Services in each recruiting centre for service in connection with the dental examination of recruits for the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

These Officers may, on the recommendation of the Director of Dental Services, be granted honorary military rank.

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693. The Director of Dental Services will be responsible for the efficient working and control of the Dental Corps, and all appointments thereto will be made by Defence Headquarters on his recommendation. He will be responsible for the organisation, training, and distribution of officers and non-commissioned officers of the Corps; the calling-up of officers for service with the troops, abroad and in camps; advice as to an examination of all dental stores and equipment; miscellaneous professional questions, dental statistics; arrangements for accommodation, operating-rooms, and tents; the allocation of civilian dentists to recruiting centres; co-operation with the New Zealand Dental Association in adopting a uniform line of minimum treatment, and in correlating the link between the districts and the camps. He will occasionally inspect the work done in camps and districts.

694. Executive officers will be responsible for the completion of dental treatment begun prior to men going into camps or embarking on troopships, the treatment of fresh cases as they arise, and the repair of dentures.

The necessary accommodation will be provided, and all requisite materials supplied to dental officers in camps, who will receive no remuneration other than their salaries.

Executive officers appointed to camps will reside wholly in camp. In special cases only the Director of Dental Services may grant permission to reside wholly or partially out of camp.

695. Civilian dentists employed in districts for the examination of recruits: Recruiting dental officers will examine the teeth of all recruits, except those found to be permanently medically unfit, and will chart the teeth of each recruit found dentally deficient. They will hand each recruit a form, and refer him to the nearest branch of the Dental Association, which will allocate him to a dental practitioner for treatment.

696. Whenever possible treatment shall be completed before the recruit again reports at the recruiting centre for despatch to camp. Should this, however, be impossible through (a) exigencies of treatment, or (b) the inaccessible location of the recruit, the completion of treatment will be effected in camp.

697. If the circumstances of the recruit be such that he is unable to support himself whilst undergoing treatment prior to being attested, the Defence Department will endeavour to find work for him whilst he is under treatment. Every endeavour should be made by the dentists and employers of labour to co-operate so as to ensure that the hours of labour may be interfered with as little as possible.

698. When a dental surgeon concerned has treated the recruit he will fill in the forms as (1) dentally efficient; (2) requiring treatment; particulars of treatment to be specified.

The form (No. 3) will be returned by post to the Recruiting Office when the recruit is called up, and will be forwarded to the Senior Dental Officer in camp.

699. It is considered that recruits should, where possible, pay for their own treatment, but in the case of those unable to do so the fees charged, which will be at the ordinary hospital rates, will be forwarded by the dental surgeon concerned to the Director of Dental Services, who will certify the claim and forward it to the Defence Department for payment.

700. The dental examination of a recruit will be made after the medical examination.

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701. Candidates for appointment to the New Zealand Dental Corps must be registered dental practitioners.

Appointments, except to the higher administrative ranks, will be made as follows:


All appointments will, in the first instance, be to the rank of Lieutenant. If the circumstances indicate that a Captain's commission is desirable, the Director of Dental Services shall have power to recommend a dental practitioner, of not less than three years' standing, to be Captain.


Promotion from Lieutenant to Captain will be by merit, on the recommendation of the Director of Dental Services.


702. The uniform for officers of the New Zealand Dental Corps will be as laid down in the New Zealand Dress Regulations for officers of the Territorial Force. Staff officers will be entitled to similar distinctions to those worn by Staff officers of other professional corps.


703. Officers of the New Zealand Dental Corps will be subject to the regulations relating to discipline as prescribed for the Territorial Force.


704. Officers of the New Zealand Dental Corps will draw pay at Territorial Force rates when employed with the Territorial Force. They may be appointed to the Expeditionary Force or for duty in camps for the New Zealand Expeditionary Reinforcements, and will draw Expeditionary Force rates of pay.

Officers of the New Zealand Dental Corps who are dealing wholly or partially with organisation and administration during the initiation of the corps, and the present emergency, will draw such pay as may be from time to time approved by the Hon. Minister of Defence.

Civilian dentists, with or without honorary military rank, employed in the districts examining recruits, will receive remuneration at the rate of one shilling per head for each recruit examined.


705. The New Zealand Dental Corps will be under the control of the Adjutant-General.

As witness the hand of His Excellency the Governor, this sixteenth day of February, one thousand nine hundred and sixteen, in the presence of—

J. Allen

Minister of Defence.