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The New Zealand Dental Services


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THIS book is largely based on the official records of the New Zealand Dental Corps, more particularly those of the Director of Dental Services and his assistant directors with 2 NZEF in the Middle East and the Pacific. This material is unpublished and is mainly in the form of reports and correspondence, orders, cables and official instructions. It has been supplemented by the eye-witness accounts, reports and personal recollections of officers and men of the Corps, too numerous to record individually. In addition, material from other sources includes:

I: Unpublished Sources

Report on the New Zealand Dental Services in the 1914–18 War by Colonel T. A. Hunter, then Director of Dental Services, New Zealand Dental Corps.

Official narrative by Major G. H. Gilbert, NZDC.

War diaries and reports of the ADDS 2 NZEF and ADDS 2 NZEF (IP) and of units of the New Zealand Dental Corps.

II: Published Sources

Carbery, Lt-Col A. D., The New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War, 1914–18. Whitcombe and Tombs, 1924.

Drew, Lt H. T. B. ed., The War Effort of New Zealand. Whitcombe and Tombs, 1923.

New Zealand Dental Journal—various issues.

New Zealand Gazette—various issues.

Medical history of the British Army, 1914–18 (Statistics volume).

Dental history of the Royal Air Force. Air Ministry, 1947.

New Zealand Army Board surveys, Pacific Story and Guadalcanal to Nissan. 1945.

Annual reports of the General Officer Commanding, New Zealand Military Forces, the Chief of the Air Staff, and of the Director of Dental Services.

Regulations for the Military Forces of the Dominion of New Zealand, 1927, and amendments.

Navy, Army and Air Force Orders.

Newspaper files.

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