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page 490

After the last night of evacuation many Australian, British and New Zealand soldiers avoided surrender at Sfakia and others escaped from captivity while still in Crete before removal to Germany. At one time some hundreds were at large in the island, sheltered and helped by the Cretans in defiance of threats and brutal reprisals by the German garrison. Records are incomplete, but accounts have been obtained of nearly 300 New Zealanders who in various ways, and after surviving great hardships and the adventures of the hunted, got back to Egypt and in most cases rejoined their units. Some returned to Greece or Crete to serve with partisans or to assist others to escape; others who escaped were recaptured, but many finally succeeded (often after several attempts) in breaking free from prison camps in Germany, Austria and Italy.

The stories of these men are summarised in this appendix. There is material in their adventures for many books, and their stories are examples of endurance, courage, and resolution worthy of record.