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Communicant Groups

Communicant Groups

In the 4th Armoured Brigade a movement was instituted which, had it appeared earlier in the war, would have made a very valuable contribution to the work of the Chaplains' Department. As it was, the chaplains during a course held in Rome gave it considerable attention and made plans for extending the system throughout the Division. Padre M. G. Sullivan,11 of the 22nd Battalion, was largely responsible for the idea, and his enthusiasm and ability set it going. Each unit chaplain in the brigade collected in a group his regular communicants, regardless of denomination, and set out to hold a series of discussions on the religious problems confronting the Church in the Army and in civilian life. The regimental groups discussed the same subjects and a combined brigade conference was planned, but unfortunately it did not take place as a long term of action prevented further meetings. Had this system been started earlier it might have unified the boundless goodwill and loyal faith of hundreds of men and chaplains throughout the 2nd NZEF, and from it might have arisen a strong and determined body of men which could have been invaluable in the ecumenical work of the Church.