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Bardia to Enfidaville

Brigade Plans

Brigade Plans

The 8th Armoured Brigade decided to advance on a one-regiment front with Staffs Yeomanry in the lead, followed by Tactical Headquarters. But as soon as conditions allowed the brigade would move in ‘A’ formation, with 3 Royal Tanks echeloned back on the left and Notts Yeomanry on the right.

On the day of the attack 5 Infantry Brigade Group was to form up in nine columns on the east side of the tracks (nine in number) which the engineers would prepare from the divisional area to the minefield—all moves to be completed by 11 a.m. The order of march would be:

  • Advanced Guard as before2

  • Tac HQ

  • 21 Bn Group

  • 5 Field Regiment

  • 23 Bn Group

  • 28 Bn Group

  • 7 Field Company less dets

  • Main HQ and B Echelon transport

  • ADS 5 Field Ambulance

  • Workshops

There was a degree of decentralisation down to battalions more marked than usual, which led to the use of the term ‘battalion group’. Attachments to each battalion were two troops of anti-tank guns, one section of light anti-aircraft guns, and two platoons of machine guns.

2 See p. 241. The Field Battery was from 5 Fd Regt.