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Documents Relating to New Zealand's Participation in the Second World War 1939–45: Volume II

17 — The Hon. W. Nash to the Rt. Hon. P. Fraser (Cairo) — [Extract]

The Hon. W. Nash to the Rt. Hon. P. Fraser (Cairo)

16 May 1941

The Australian Government has not so far replied to our telegram of 9 May (No. 13) on the formation of the Anzac Corps. I have asked Freyberg to have shown to you a copy of his message to me dated 11 May (No. 15). His desire to remain under the authority of the New Zealand Government and to continue as GOC 2nd NZEF if appointed Corps Commander is favourably regarded by War Cabinet. It is suggested that you have an early discussion with him and advise us of your views as soon as possible….2

2 In the text omitted Mr. Nash requested information on the date and place of arrival in Australia of General Sir Guy Williams, then Military Adviser to the New Zealand Government. See also Formation of New Zealand Armoured Brigade.