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The Mounted Riflemen in Sinai and Palestine: The Story of New Zealand's Crusaders


page 7


Chapter I. General outline of Campaign—Forces engaged—Stages—Extension of front—New Zealand Forces on front 11
Chapter II. Serapeum—Suez Canal defences—The Desert—Bir Et Malar —Patrol work—Starving Bedouins—The water ration —Night Matches. 18
Chapter III. The fighting in August, 1916—Advance of the Turks—Romani—Katia—Oghratina—Bir El Abd—Results. 29
Chapter IV. Salmana to Mustagidda—The incident of the goats—Out-posts—An incident—"Standing to"—The road used by Joseph and Mary—The features of the Desert—Wire roads—Bombing—Superiority of Turks—The lighter side 34
Chapter V. The horses—Care taken by men—Bemounts—Comparisons— Load earried 44
Chapter VI. Desert tactics—March on El Arish—Battle of Magh Daba— Christmas in the Desert—Incidents round a supply dump —Railway construction 49
Chapter VII. The Rafa fight—Opinion of a German officer—Redoubt taken by New Zealand Brigade—Experiences of the wounded —A good shot—The Bedouins 57
Chapter VIII. First attack on Gaza—Colonial resource—Mistaken press reports—The town of Gaza—Preparations—The second attack—Fara—Patrol encounters—Description of a troop —Railway demolition—Arrival of the donkeys 65
Chapter IX. How a Mounted Rifles bivouac was laid out—life in bivouae —On trek 76 page 8
Chapter X. Advance on Beersheba—The march—The Saba fight—Fighting at Ras El Nagb—Endurance of the horses without water—A seventy mile trek—The battle of Ayun Kara 83
Chapter XI. Occupation of Jaffa by New Zealand Brigade—The town— Engagements at Khirbet Hadra and Sheikh. Muanis—What happened at the wine-press—Holding the trenches —Bivouacs at Sukerier and Richon Le Zion 94
Chapter XII. Trek to the right flank—The Hills of Judea—Bethlehem— Nebi Musa—Occupation of Jericho—Description of town —First crossing of the Jordan—The Jordan Valley and River. 100
Chapter XIII. First attack on Amman—Objectives—The Mountains of Gilead—The Hedjaz railway—Circassians in Ain Es Sir —The Arabs—A charge by Arab horsemen—An attack by the Camel Corps—Weather conditions—Difficulties of supplies—A night attack by New Zealanders—Experiences of a signaller—Enemy shell-fire—The wounded— Withdrawal—Treachery at Ain Es Sir—Press reports— A criticism 105
Chapter XIV. Bivouac near Jericho—A bombing raid—The Dead Sea—Life in the Valley—Adventures of a troop on post 116
Chapter XV. Second Amman "stunt"—Objectives—A spell near Bethlehem—Solomon's Pools—Native methods in agriculture— Ploughing—Harvesting—Treading the corn—Winnowing —Bethlehem 125
Chapter XVI. Jerusalem as the New Zealanders saw it—Situation—The Holy City—Condition after capture—Protection of holy places by British—The Holy Sepulchre—Calvary—Via Dolorosa—Jews' wailing place—Mosquee of Omar and El Aksa—Vally of Jehosophat—Garden of Gethsemane—Mount of Olives—Bethany—The people of Jerusalem 130 page 9
Chapter XVII. The Jordan—Enemy attack at Ain Ed Due—Evils of the Valley in summer—Ravages of malaria—How a man was evacuated to hospital—Aotea Home—Training camp —His return to the line—"Jericho Jane". 141
Chapter XVIII. Final operations in Palestine—Ruses employed by British— First advance—Action at Damieh—The capture of the bridge—The march up the Mountains of Gilead—Taking of Es Salt—More malaria—Advance on Amman—Cutting of Hedjaz railway—A night "stunt" by the Auckland Begiment 147
Chapter XIX. The fight for Amman—Galloping into action—Capture of the town—Results—Amman, the Philadelphia of history— Turkish forces cut off to the south—The surrender at Ziza—Captures—Condition of Turks—The return to the coast viâ Jericho and Jerusalem—Victorious conclusion of Campaign—Casualties. 162
Chapter XX. After the Armistice—The Surafend incident—Canterbury leaves for Gallipoli—Rafa—Good-bye to the horses—The Egyptian Bebellion—The New Zealanders' part—Departure for New Zealand 169