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Historic Trentham, 1914-1917: The Story of a New Zealand Military Training Camp, and Some Account of the Daily Round of the Troops within Its Bounds

Some Press Opinions of "The Three Kings."

Some Press Opinions of "The Three Kings."

"The Athenæum."—"Free play is the keynote of Will Lawson's work, but without fantasy. For him battleships are great living entities. He shows the keen joy of the warrior in their destructive power, the relish—it may not he humane, but it is deeply human—in swift, skilled vengeance by night. But behind all these things he sees the man … who works in the world for the joy of work and the conquest of things."

Glasgow "Herald."—"Mr. Lawson's verses are of men and the things they do, more especially of the men who do much and are little heard of—stokers, greasers, shunters, and the like. They will go straight to the heart of the average man."

Birmingham "Post."—"Mr. Lawson has imagination and a strong, terse, often vivid style. It is not without reason that his country takes a pride in him."

"Bulletin."—"For sailorman and engineer his book will be a cherished possession. Will Lawson has his own note in such vigorous pictures as 'The Cattle-Boats.'"

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