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The New Zealanders in Sinai and Palestine


page 284


The Authors' thanks are due to the many kind friends who assisted in the making of this book; and especially to Lt.-Col. W. J. Foster, Major Anderson, Lieut. Stevenson, Lieut. Dunning and Lieut. A. Murray (all of Headquarters A.I.F., Egypt); and also to Capt. Gotch (Survey of Egypt) for maps and to Corpl. Hogg (Cant. M.R.) for copying maps, and to M. Compton Smith, Esq. and W. G. Harding, Esq., of the New Zealand Lands and Survey Office, Wellington, for help in the preparation of maps.

Their thanks are due also to Lt.-Col. J. N. McCarroll. Capt. A. Rhodes, Capt. M. Johnson, Corpl. McKay, Padre Isaacson and Padre Macdonald and to those others who so generously lent their photographs; and the Authors regret that owing to limited space so many thus kindly lent were not reproduced.

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