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The Official History of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade


page xvi


Chapter Page
I. From New Zealand to Egypt.
Part 1. Preparation 1
Part 2. Departure for Egypt 16
II. The Senussi Campaign.
Part 1. General 24
Part 2. The 2nd Battalion on the Line of Communications 27
Part 3. The 1st Battalion at Mersa Matruh 30
III. On the Suez Canal.
Part 1. Brigade Headquarters and the 1st and 2nd Battalions 55
Part 2. The 3rd and 4th Battalions 59
Part 3. The Brigade Complete 63
IV. In the Battle Zone of the Flanders Front.
Part 1. Movements 69
Part 2. The Fighting on the Flanders Front from the Outbreak of War till May, 1916 77
V. Armentieres.
Part 1. In the Trenches 87
Part 2. Training for the Somme 110
VI. The Battle of the Somme, 1916.
Part 1. The Earlier Fighting 113
Part 2. The Third Phase: New Zealanders Engaged.
Section 1—General 117
Section 2—The Advance Beyond Flers, September 15th 122
Section 3—General Attack Renewed, September 25th 137
Section 4—Further Progress of the Battle 146
VII. From Fleurbaix to Ploegsteert.
Part 1. The Boutillerie Sector 148
Part 2. The Cordonnerie Sector 168
Part 3. The Ploegsteert Sector 174
VIII. The Battle of Messines.
Part 1. Before the Battle 184
Part 2. The Place of the Battle of Messines in the General Scheme of Operations 190
Part 3. The Battle 193
IX. After Messines.
Part 1. The Advance in the Ploegsteert Sector 214
Part 2. With the French First Army in Northern Belgium 220
Part 3. The Warneton Sector 223 page xvii
X. The Third Battle of Ypres.
Part 1. Digging in the Ypres Salient 227
Part 2. Progress of the British Offensive Operations 230
Part 3. Passchendaele, October 12th 235
Part 4. Concluding Stage of the Third Battle of Ypres 248
XI. The Ypres Salient.
Part 1. After Passchendaele 250
Part 2. Stationary Trench Warfare 251
Part 3. In Corps Reserve 268
XII. The Ancre, 1918.
Part 1. The German Thrust at Amiens 271
Part 2. The New Zealand Rifle Brigade into the Gap 275
Part 3. Straightening the Line 288
Part 4. The German Attack, April 5th 300
Part 5. Stationary Trench Warfare 310
XIII The Beginning of the Advance to Victory 327
XIV. The Battle of Bapaume.
Part 1. The General Situation 342
Part 2. Puisieux-au-Mont, August 21st 345
Part 3. Miraumont, August 23rd 352
Part 4. Bapaume, August 26th to 29th 355
Part 5. Fremicourt, August 30th to September 1st 365
XV. The Battle of the Scarpe 374
XVI The Battle of Havrincourt and Epehy.
Part 1. Treseault Spur, September 9th 377
Part 2. Treseault Spur, September 12th 384
XVII The Battle of Cambrai and the Hindenburg Line.
Part 1. The General Attack 396
Part 2. Crevecoeur, October 5th 399
XVIII From Crevecoeur to Le Quesnoy (The Battle of Le Cateau and the Battle of the Selle River).
Part 1. Lesdain and Beyond, October 8th 404
Part 2. The Advance to the Selle Rive 415
Part 3. The Battle of the Selle Biver 417
XIX. Le Quesnoy and the Armistice (The Battle of the Sambre).
Part 1. Minor Operations 421
Part 2. The Capture of Le Quesnoy, November 4th, 1918 435
Part 3. Concluding Stage 465
XX. To the Rhine.
Part 1. After Le Quesnoy 468
Part 2. The March to Germany 472
Part 3. The End 478