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The Official History of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade

Appendix XI. Diary of the War. (From "The Times" of November 12, 1918.)

page 581

Appendix XI. Diary of the War. (From "The Times" of November 12, 1918.)


  • June 28.—Francis Ferdinand shot at Serajevo.
  • July 5.—Kaiser's War Council at Potsdam.
  • 23.—Austro-Hungarian Note to Serbia.
  • 28.—Austria declared war on Serbia.
  • 31.—State of war in Germany.
  • Aug. 1.—Germany declared war on Russia.
  • 2.—German ultimatum to Belgium.
  • 3.—Germany declared war on France.
  • 4.—Great Britain declared war on Germany.
  • 10.—France declared war on Austria.
  • 12.—Great Britain declared war on Austria.
  • 15.—Fall of Liege.
  • 16.—British Army landed in France.
  • 20.—Germans occupied Brussels.
  • 23.—Japan declared war on Germany.
  • 24.—Fall of Namur.
  • 25.—Sack of Louvain.
  • 26.—Battle of Tannenberg.
  • 28.—British Victory off Heligoland.
  • 29.—New Zealanders in Samoa.
  • Sept. 2.—Russians took Lemberg.
  • 3.—Paris Government at Bordeaux.
  • 5.—End of Retreat from Mons.
  • 6.—First Marne Battle begun.
  • 15.—First Aisne Battle begun.
  • 16.—Russians evacuated East Prussia.
  • 23.—First British Air Raid on Germany.
  • Oct. 9.—Fall of Antwerp.
  • 13.—Belgian Government at Havre.
  • 20.—First Battle of Ypres begun.
  • Nov. 1.—Naval Action off Coronel.
  • 5.—Great Britain declared war on Turkey.
  • 7.—Fall of Tsingtau.
  • 10.—Emden sunk.
  • 21.—British occupied Basra.page 582
  • Dee. 2.—Austrians in Belgrade.
  • 8.—Naval Battle off the Falklands.
  • 14.—Serbians retook Belgrade.
  • 16.—Germans bombarded West Hartlepool.
  • 18.—Hussein Kamel, Sultan of Egypt.
  • 24.—First Air Raid on England.


  • Jan. 24.—Naval Battle off Dogger Bank.
  • Feb. 3.—Turks defeated on Suez Canal.
  • 18.—U-Boat "Blockade" of England.
  • 25.—Allied Fleet attacked Dardanelles.
  • Mar.10.—British captured Neuve Chapelle.
  • 27.—Russians took Przemysl.
  • April 22.—Second Battle of Ypres begun.
  • 25.—Allied Landing in Gallipoli.
  • May 3.—Battle of the Dunajec.
  • 6.—Battle of Krithia, Gallipoli.
  • 7.—Lusitania torpedoed.
  • 8.—Germans occupied Libau.
  • 11.—German repulse at Ypres.
  • 12.—General Botha occupied Windhuk.
  • 16.—Russian Retreat to the San.
  • 23.—Italy declared war on Austria.
  • 25.—Coalition Cabinet formed
  • June 2.—Italians crossed Isonzo.
  • 3.—Russians evacuated Przemysl.
  • 22.—Austro-Germans recaptured Lemberg.
  • July 2.—Pommern sunk in Baltic.
  • 9.—German South-West Africa conquered.
  • 24.—Nasiriyeh, on Euphrates, taken.
  • Aug. 4.—Fall of Warsaw.
  • 5.—Pall of Ivangorod.
  • 6.—New Landing at Suvla Bay.
  • 8.—General Birdwood's advance at Anzac.
  • 9.—British success near Hooge.
  • 15.—National Registration.
  • 17.—Fall of Kovno.
  • 18.—Russian victory in Riga Gulf.
  • 19.—Fall of Novo-Georgiesk.
  • 21.—Cotton declared contraband.
  • 25.—Fall of Brest-Litovsk.
  • Sept. 1.—General Alexeieff as Chief of Staff.
  • 2.—Fall of Grodno.
  • 5.—Tsar as Generalissimo.
  • 7.—Russian victory near Tarnopol.
  • 18.—Fall of Vilna.page 583
  • Sept. 21.—Russian Retreat ended.
  • 25.—Battle of Loos and in Champagne.
  • 28.—Victory at Kut-el-Amara.
  • Oct. 4.—Russian Ultimatum to Bulgaria.
  • 5.—Allied Landing at Salonika.
  • 6.—Austro-German invasion of Serbia.
  • 9.—Belgrade occupied.
  • 14.—Bulgaria at war with Serbia.
  • 17.—Allied Note to Greece.
  • 19.—Lord Derby on the 46 Groups.
  • 22.—Bulgarians occupy Uskub.
  • 28.—M. Briand French Premier.
  • Nov. 5.—Fall of Nish.
  • 22.—Battle of Ctesiphon.
  • 29.—British withdrew from Ctesiphon.
  • Dec. 2.—Fall of Monastir.
  • 3.—General Townshend at Kut.
  • 9.—Allied Retreat in Macedonia.
  • 13.—Salonika lines fortified.
  • 15.—Sir D. Haig C.-in-C. in France.
  • 19.—Withdrawal from Gallipoli.
  • 25.—Turkish defeat at Kut.


  • Jan. 8.—Gallipoli evacuation complete.
  • 13.—Fall of Cettigne.
  • Feb. 9.—General Smuts appointed to East Africa.
  • 16.—Russians enter Erzerum.
  • 18.—German Kamerun conquered.
  • 21.—Battle of Verdun begun.
  • 24.—Germans took Fort Douaumont.
  • Mar. 16.—Admiral von Tirpitz dismissed.
  • April 9.—German assault at Verdun.
  • 17.—Russians entered Trebizond.
  • 24.—Rebellion in Ireland.
  • 29.—Fall of Kut-el-Amara.
  • May 24.—British Conscription Bill passed.
  • 31.—Battle of Jutland.
  • June 4.—General Brusiloff's offensive.
  • 5.—Lord Kitchener lost at sea.
  • 14.—Allied Economic Conference in Paris.
  • 21.—Mecca taken by Grand Sherif.
  • July 1.—Somme Battle begun.
  • 25.—Russians occupied Erzinjan.
  • Aug. 6.—Italian offensive on Isonzo.
  • 10.—Russians at Stanislau.
  • 27.—Rumania entered the war.page 584
  • Aug. 29.—Hindenburg Chief of Stafff.
  • Sept. 3.—Zeppelin destroyed at. Cuffley.
  • 26.—British took Thiepval and Combles.
  • Oct. 10.—Allied Ultimatum to Greece.
  • Nov. 1.— Italian Adance on Carso.
  • 13.—British Victory on the Ancre.
  • 18.—Serbians and French took Monastir.
  • 29.—Grand Fleet under Sir D. Beatty.
  • Dec. 1.—Anti-Allied Riot in Athens.
  • 5.—Resignation of Mr. Asquith.
  • 6.—Germans entered Bukarest.
  • 7.—Mr. Lloyd George Prime Minister.
  • 12.—German "Peace Proposals."
  • 15.—French Victory at Verdun.
  • 20.—President Wilson's Peace Note.


  • Jan. 1.—Turkey denounced Berlin Treaty of 1878.
  • Feb. 1.—"Unrestricted" U-Boat War begun.
  • 3.—America broke with Germany.
  • 6.—British captured Grandcourt.
  • 24.—British took Kut-el-Amara.
  • Mar. 11.—British entered Baghdad.
  • 12.—Revolution in Russia.
  • 15.—Abdication of the Tsar.
  • 18.—British entered Peronne.
  • 21.—First British Imperial War Cabinet.
  • April 6.—America declared war on Germany.
  • 9.—Battle of Vimy Ridge begun.
  • May 4.—French took Craonne.
  • 14.—New Italian Offensive.
  • 15.—General Petain French C.-in-C.
  • June 7.—British Victory at Messines Ridge.
  • 12.—Abdication of King Constantine.
  • 26.—First. American troops in France.
  • 27.—Mesopotamia Report issued.
  • 29.—General Allenby commander in Egypt.
  • July 1.—Last Russian offensive begun.
  • 14.—Bethmann-Hollweg dismissed.
  • 17.—British Royal House styled "Windsor."
  • 19.—Reichstag "Peace" Resolution.
  • 24.—Russian defeat in Galicia.
  • 31.—Great Allied attack around Ypres.
  • Aug. 29.—President Wilson's Note to the Pope.
  • Sept. 4.—Germans occupied Riga.
  • 15.—Russian Republic proclaimed.
  • 28.—British Victory at Ramadieh.page 585
  • Oct. 9.—Allied attack in Flanders.
  • 24.—Italian defeat at Caporetto.
  • 29.—Fall of Udine.
  • 30.—Chancellor Michaelis dismissed.
  • 31.—British captured Beersheba.
  • Nov. 1.—German Retreat on Chemin des Dames.
  • 4.—British troops in Italy.
  • 6.—British stormed Passchendaele Ridge.
  • 7.—British captured Gaza.
  • 8.—Bolshevist coup d'etat in Russia.
  • 9.—Italian stand on the Piave.
  • 17.—British in Jaffa.
  • 18.—General Maude's death in Mesopotamia.
  • 20.—British Victory at Cambrai.
  • 30.—German reaction at Cambrai.
  • Dec. 6.—Armistice on Russian Front.
  • 9.—British captured Jerusalem.
  • 22.—Brest Conference opened.
  • 26.—Sir R. Wemyss First Sea Lord.


  • Jan. 5.—Mr. Lloyd George on War Aims.
  • 20.—"Breslau" sunk. "Goeben" damaged.
  • Feb. 1.—Germany recognized Ukraine.
  • 9.—First Brest Treaty Signed.
  • 16.—General Wilson Chief of Staff.
  • 18.—German invasion of Russia.
  • 21.—British capture Jericho.
  • 24.—Turks recovered Trebizond.
  • 25.—Germans at Reval.
  • Mar. 3.—Second Brest Treaty.
  • 7.—German peace with Finland.
  • 11.—Turks recovered Erzrum.
  • 13.—Germans at Odessa.
  • 14.—Brest Treaty ratified at Moscow.
  • 21.—German offensive in the West.
  • 24.—Bapaume and Peronne lost.
  • April 5.—Allied landing at Vladivostock.
  • 9.—New Military Service Bill.
  • 11.—Armentieres lost.
  • 13.—Turks occupied Batum.
  • 14.—General Foch, Allied Generalissimo.
  • 15.—Bailleul lost.
  • 18.—Lord Milner War Secretary.
  • 22.—Naval Raid on Zeebrugge and Ostend.
  • 26.—Kemmel Hill lost.
  • 27.—Turks occupied Kars.page 586
  • April 30.—Germans at Viborg.
  • May 1.—Germans at Sebastopol.
  • 9.—Second Raid on Ostend.
  • 27.—Second German Offensive.
  • 29.—Soissons lost. Rheims held.
  • 31.—Germans reached Marne.
  • June 1.—Attacks towards Paris held.
  • 9.—New German Assault.
  • 15.—Austrian Offensive in Italy.
  • 23.—Great Austrian Defeat.
  • July 2.—1,000.000 Americans shipped to France.
  • 15.—Third German Offensive.
  • Second Marne Battle begun.
  • 16.—Ex-Tsar shot at Ekaterinburg.
  • 18.—General Foch's Counter-attack.
  • 20.—Germans recrossed the Marne.
  • Aug. 2.—Soissons recovered.
  • 8.—British attack at Amiens.
  • 29.—Bapaume and Noyon regained.
  • Sept. 1.—Peronne recovered.
  • 2.—Drocourt-Queant line breached.
  • 12.—American attack at St. Mihiel.
  • 15.—Austrian Peace Note.
  • 17.—New Macedonian offensive.
  • 19.—British advance in Palestine.
  • 25.—Bulgaria proposed armistice.
  • 27.—Hindenburg Line broken.
  • 29.—Bulgaria surrendered.
  • 30.—Fall of Damascus.
  • Chancellor Hertling resigns.
  • Oct. 1.—St. Quentin regained.
  • 4.—Abdication of King Ferdinand.
  • 9.—Cambrai regained.
  • 10.—British took Le Cateau.
  • 13.—French recovered Laon.
  • 14.—British troops at Irtkutsk.
  • 15.—British in Homs.
  • 17.—Ostend. Lille. Douni, regained.
  • 19.—Bruges reoccpied.
  • 20.—Belgian Coast clear.
  • 25.—Ludendorff resigned.
  • 26.—Aleppo fell to the Allies.
  • 27.—Austria sued for Peace.
  • 28.—Italians crossed Piave.
  • 29.—Serbians reached the Danube.
  • 30.—Turkey granted Armistice.
  • Nov. 1.—Versailles Conference opened.page 587
  • Nov. 2.—British at Valenciennes.
  • 3.—Austrian Surrender. Kiel Mutiny.
  • 4.—Versailles Armistice Agreement.
  • 5.—Full Powers for Marshal Foch.
  • President Wilson's Last Note to Germany.
  • 6.—Americans reached Sedan.
  • 7.—Bavarian Republic Proclaimed.
  • 9.—Foch received German Envoys.
  • Abdication of the Kaiser.
  • Chancellor Prince Max resigned.
  • Berlin Revolution.
  • 10.—Kaiser's flight to Holland.
  • British at Mons.
  • 11.—Armistice Terms Accepted.


The Treaty of Peace between the Allies and Germany was signed at Versailles on June 28th, 1919.

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Map No. 1—Northern Egypt

Map No. 1—Northern Egypt

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Map No. 2—Matruh

Map No. 2—Matruh

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Map No. 3—Flanders

Map No. 3—Flanders

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Map No. 4—The Somme

Map No. 4—The Somme

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Map No. 5—Flers

Map No. 5—Flers

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Map No. 6—Messines

Map No. 6—Messines

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Map No. 7—Passchendaele

Map No. 7—Passchendaele

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Map No. 8—Hebuterne to Puisieux-Au-Mont

Map No. 8—Hebuterne to Puisieux-Au-Mont

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Map No. 9—Trescault Spur

Map No. 9—Trescault Spur

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Map No. 10—Le Quesnoy

Map No. 10—Le Quesnoy

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Map No. 11—The Advance to Victory—Hebuterne to le Quesnoy

Map No. 11—The Advance to Victory—Hebuterne to le Quesnoy

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