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The Official History of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade



  • Jan. 1.—Turkey denounced Berlin Treaty of 1878.
  • Feb. 1.—"Unrestricted" U-Boat War begun.
  • 3.—America broke with Germany.
  • 6.—British captured Grandcourt.
  • 24.—British took Kut-el-Amara.
  • Mar. 11.—British entered Baghdad.
  • 12.—Revolution in Russia.
  • 15.—Abdication of the Tsar.
  • 18.—British entered Peronne.
  • 21.—First British Imperial War Cabinet.
  • April 6.—America declared war on Germany.
  • 9.—Battle of Vimy Ridge begun.
  • May 4.—French took Craonne.
  • 14.—New Italian Offensive.
  • 15.—General Petain French C.-in-C.
  • June 7.—British Victory at Messines Ridge.
  • 12.—Abdication of King Constantine.
  • 26.—First. American troops in France.
  • 27.—Mesopotamia Report issued.
  • 29.—General Allenby commander in Egypt.
  • July 1.—Last Russian offensive begun.
  • 14.—Bethmann-Hollweg dismissed.
  • 17.—British Royal House styled "Windsor."
  • 19.—Reichstag "Peace" Resolution.
  • 24.—Russian defeat in Galicia.
  • 31.—Great Allied attack around Ypres.
  • Aug. 29.—President Wilson's Note to the Pope.
  • Sept. 4.—Germans occupied Riga.
  • 15.—Russian Republic proclaimed.
  • 28.—British Victory at Ramadieh.page 585
  • Oct. 9.—Allied attack in Flanders.
  • 24.—Italian defeat at Caporetto.
  • 29.—Fall of Udine.
  • 30.—Chancellor Michaelis dismissed.
  • 31.—British captured Beersheba.
  • Nov. 1.—German Retreat on Chemin des Dames.
  • 4.—British troops in Italy.
  • 6.—British stormed Passchendaele Ridge.
  • 7.—British captured Gaza.
  • 8.—Bolshevist coup d'etat in Russia.
  • 9.—Italian stand on the Piave.
  • 17.—British in Jaffa.
  • 18.—General Maude's death in Mesopotamia.
  • 20.—British Victory at Cambrai.
  • 30.—German reaction at Cambrai.
  • Dec. 6.—Armistice on Russian Front.
  • 9.—British captured Jerusalem.
  • 22.—Brest Conference opened.
  • 26.—Sir R. Wemyss First Sea Lord.