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The Official History of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade



  • Jan. 8.—Gallipoli evacuation complete.
  • 13.—Fall of Cettigne.
  • Feb. 9.—General Smuts appointed to East Africa.
  • 16.—Russians enter Erzerum.
  • 18.—German Kamerun conquered.
  • 21.—Battle of Verdun begun.
  • 24.—Germans took Fort Douaumont.
  • Mar. 16.—Admiral von Tirpitz dismissed.
  • April 9.—German assault at Verdun.
  • 17.—Russians entered Trebizond.
  • 24.—Rebellion in Ireland.
  • 29.—Fall of Kut-el-Amara.
  • May 24.—British Conscription Bill passed.
  • 31.—Battle of Jutland.
  • June 4.—General Brusiloff's offensive.
  • 5.—Lord Kitchener lost at sea.
  • 14.—Allied Economic Conference in Paris.
  • 21.—Mecca taken by Grand Sherif.
  • July 1.—Somme Battle begun.
  • 25.—Russians occupied Erzinjan.
  • Aug. 6.—Italian offensive on Isonzo.
  • 10.—Russians at Stanislau.
  • 27.—Rumania entered the war.page 584
  • Aug. 29.—Hindenburg Chief of Stafff.
  • Sept. 3.—Zeppelin destroyed at. Cuffley.
  • 26.—British took Thiepval and Combles.
  • Oct. 10.—Allied Ultimatum to Greece.
  • Nov. 1.— Italian Adance on Carso.
  • 13.—British Victory on the Ancre.
  • 18.—Serbians and French took Monastir.
  • 29.—Grand Fleet under Sir D. Beatty.
  • Dec. 1.—Anti-Allied Riot in Athens.
  • 5.—Resignation of Mr. Asquith.
  • 6.—Germans entered Bukarest.
  • 7.—Mr. Lloyd George Prime Minister.
  • 12.—German "Peace Proposals."
  • 15.—French Victory at Verdun.
  • 20.—President Wilson's Peace Note.