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The Official History of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade



  • Jan. 24.—Naval Battle off Dogger Bank.
  • Feb. 3.—Turks defeated on Suez Canal.
  • 18.—U-Boat "Blockade" of England.
  • 25.—Allied Fleet attacked Dardanelles.
  • Mar.10.—British captured Neuve Chapelle.
  • 27.—Russians took Przemysl.
  • April 22.—Second Battle of Ypres begun.
  • 25.—Allied Landing in Gallipoli.
  • May 3.—Battle of the Dunajec.
  • 6.—Battle of Krithia, Gallipoli.
  • 7.—Lusitania torpedoed.
  • 8.—Germans occupied Libau.
  • 11.—German repulse at Ypres.
  • 12.—General Botha occupied Windhuk.
  • 16.—Russian Retreat to the San.
  • 23.—Italy declared war on Austria.
  • 25.—Coalition Cabinet formed
  • June 2.—Italians crossed Isonzo.
  • 3.—Russians evacuated Przemysl.
  • 22.—Austro-Germans recaptured Lemberg.
  • July 2.—Pommern sunk in Baltic.
  • 9.—German South-West Africa conquered.
  • 24.—Nasiriyeh, on Euphrates, taken.
  • Aug. 4.—Fall of Warsaw.
  • 5.—Pall of Ivangorod.
  • 6.—New Landing at Suvla Bay.
  • 8.—General Birdwood's advance at Anzac.
  • 9.—British success near Hooge.
  • 15.—National Registration.
  • 17.—Fall of Kovno.
  • 18.—Russian victory in Riga Gulf.
  • 19.—Fall of Novo-Georgiesk.
  • 21.—Cotton declared contraband.
  • 25.—Fall of Brest-Litovsk.
  • Sept. 1.—General Alexeieff as Chief of Staff.
  • 2.—Fall of Grodno.
  • 5.—Tsar as Generalissimo.
  • 7.—Russian victory near Tarnopol.
  • 18.—Fall of Vilna.page 583
  • Sept. 21.—Russian Retreat ended.
  • 25.—Battle of Loos and in Champagne.
  • 28.—Victory at Kut-el-Amara.
  • Oct. 4.—Russian Ultimatum to Bulgaria.
  • 5.—Allied Landing at Salonika.
  • 6.—Austro-German invasion of Serbia.
  • 9.—Belgrade occupied.
  • 14.—Bulgaria at war with Serbia.
  • 17.—Allied Note to Greece.
  • 19.—Lord Derby on the 46 Groups.
  • 22.—Bulgarians occupy Uskub.
  • 28.—M. Briand French Premier.
  • Nov. 5.—Fall of Nish.
  • 22.—Battle of Ctesiphon.
  • 29.—British withdrew from Ctesiphon.
  • Dec. 2.—Fall of Monastir.
  • 3.—General Townshend at Kut.
  • 9.—Allied Retreat in Macedonia.
  • 13.—Salonika lines fortified.
  • 15.—Sir D. Haig C.-in-C. in France.
  • 19.—Withdrawal from Gallipoli.
  • 25.—Turkish defeat at Kut.