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The Official History of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade



  • June 28.—Francis Ferdinand shot at Serajevo.
  • July 5.—Kaiser's War Council at Potsdam.
  • 23.—Austro-Hungarian Note to Serbia.
  • 28.—Austria declared war on Serbia.
  • 31.—State of war in Germany.
  • Aug. 1.—Germany declared war on Russia.
  • 2.—German ultimatum to Belgium.
  • 3.—Germany declared war on France.
  • 4.—Great Britain declared war on Germany.
  • 10.—France declared war on Austria.
  • 12.—Great Britain declared war on Austria.
  • 15.—Fall of Liege.
  • 16.—British Army landed in France.
  • 20.—Germans occupied Brussels.
  • 23.—Japan declared war on Germany.
  • 24.—Fall of Namur.
  • 25.—Sack of Louvain.
  • 26.—Battle of Tannenberg.
  • 28.—British Victory off Heligoland.
  • 29.—New Zealanders in Samoa.
  • Sept. 2.—Russians took Lemberg.
  • 3.—Paris Government at Bordeaux.
  • 5.—End of Retreat from Mons.
  • 6.—First Marne Battle begun.
  • 15.—First Aisne Battle begun.
  • 16.—Russians evacuated East Prussia.
  • 23.—First British Air Raid on Germany.
  • Oct. 9.—Fall of Antwerp.
  • 13.—Belgian Government at Havre.
  • 20.—First Battle of Ypres begun.
  • Nov. 1.—Naval Action off Coronel.
  • 5.—Great Britain declared war on Turkey.
  • 7.—Fall of Tsingtau.
  • 10.—Emden sunk.
  • 21.—British occupied Basra.page 582
  • Dee. 2.—Austrians in Belgrade.
  • 8.—Naval Battle off the Falklands.
  • 14.—Serbians retook Belgrade.
  • 16.—Germans bombarded West Hartlepool.
  • 18.—Hussein Kamel, Sultan of Egypt.
  • 24.—First Air Raid on England.