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The New Zealand Medical Service in the Great War 1914-1918


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Introduction by Major-Genl. Sir W. G. Macpherson, K.C.M.G., C.B., LL.D. xii.
List of Abbreviations x.
List of Maps ix.
Preface xiv.
Notes on some Military Formations xix.
Section I.—Mobilisation.
Chapter I.—Formation and Organisation of the N.Z.M.C.
Colonial Medical Service 2
Formation of the N.Z.M.C. 7
Outbreak of War 12
Chapter II.—Mobilisation and Embarkation.
The Samoan Force 14
The Main Body 17
Action at the Suez Canal 24
Embarkation for Lemnos 27
Section II.—The Gallipoli Campaign.
Chapter III.—The Landing at Anzac.
Medical Arrangements 31
Landing of the Bearers 39
Scandals of the Evacuations 48
Operations at Helles 53
Chapter IV.—Summer Months at Anzac. N.Z.Bases in 1915.
Sickness Wastage and Sanitation 59
Medical Administration of the Home Base 67
Base Units in Egypt, 1915 76
Chapter V.—The August Battles.
Medical Corps Operation Orders 79
Assaults on Sari Bair 83
Wounded at No. 2 Outpost 95
Hill 60 102
Chapter VI.—The Evacuation of Gallipoli.
Exhaustion of the Troops 109
The Sanitary Commission 116
The Blizzard 123
Medical Arrangements for Evacuation 132
Section III.—The Western Front.
Chapter VII.—Mobilisation of the New Zealand Division.
Recruiting in New Zealand, 1915 137
Formation of the Division 142
Camp Sanitation at Ismailia 147
Embarkation for France 158
Chapter VIII.—Armentieres.
The Armentières Sector 164
Methods of Evacuating Wounded 168
Municipal Sanitation 173
The Raids 180 page viii
Chapter IX.—The Somme. 1916.
The Military Situation 191
Operations near Flers 198
Bogle's Post 205
Work at the Dressing Stations 212
Operations 25th, 26th, 27th September 216
Operations 2nd October 220
Chapter X.—Sailly sur la Lys.
Sickness Wastage. The D.R.S. 231
Medical Officers Training School 243
Gas Casualties at Fleurbaix 253
Chapter XI.—At the Bases in 1916.
The Second Epidemic at Trentham 256
Trentham Military Hospital 259
N.Z.E.F. Base in England 265
Chapter XII.—Preparations for Messines.
Ploegsteert—Le Touquet Sector 270
No. 4. N.Z. Field Ambulance 275
The Military Situation 280
Medical Arrangements 282
Divisional Medical Posts 285
Chapter XIII.—Messines.
Zero Hour 297
Night of the 7/8th June, 1916 301
Medical Reports on the Operations 307
Work at the Westhoff C.M.D.S. 311
Estimate of Casualties 315
Chapter XIV.—After Messines.
Shell Shock, N.Y.D.N. 318
La Basse Ville 328
Mustard Gas 325
Chapter XV.—Passchendaele.
Operations at Gravenstaffel 4th to 6th October, 1917 331
Otto Farm 337
Operations near Bellevue Spur 11th to 18th October 343
Waterloo Farm 347
Medical Reports on the Operations 351
Chapter XVI—New Zealand L.O.C. in 1917.
Poldernhoeek Chateau 365
Medical Administration of the N.Z.E.F. 366
General Hospitals in 1917 369
N.Z. Hospital Ships 375
Military Hospitals in N.Z. 380
Chapter XVII.—The German Offensive, 1918.
The Military Situation 382
Division Advancing from Hédauville 387
La Signy Farm 394
The Line Stabilised 399
Chapter XVIII.—Bapaume.
Fusileer Trench 405
Operations at Bapaume 21st to 31st August. 1918 409
Riencourt and Bancourt 415
Trescault Spur 420
Chapter XIX.—The Final Campaign on the Western Front.
The Military Situation 424
Bon Avis Ridge 430
Crèvecœur 432
Advance to the Selle River 437
Le Quesnoy 441page ix
Section IV.—Sinai and Palestine.
Chapter XX.—N.Z.M.C. In Sinai and Palestine.
The Battle of Romani 453
Invation of Palestine 458
Capture of Beersheba 464
Operations in Moab, March 1918 473
Final Operation 480
Section V.—Demobilisation.
Chapter XXI.—Demobilisation.
Work of the General Hospitals in 1918 485
Outbreaks of Purulent Bronchitis 490
Demobilisation of Medical Units 497
The Ambulances on the Rhine 498
Chapter XXII.—Reconstruction in New Zealand.
The Staff of the Surgeon-General 502
The Great Influenza Epidemic 506
Military Hospitals and Reconstruction 510
Appendix I—Nominal Roll of Colonial Medical Officers, 1845-1860 519
Appendix A. I.—N.Z.M.C. Strength, Casualties 520
II.—Killed in Action. Died of Wounds. Died of Disease 521
III.—Honours and Awards 526
IV.—Nominal Roll of Wounded 531
V.—New Zealand Army Nursing Service Strength and Casualties 536
VI.—Specifications of Hospital Ships 536
Appendix B. I.—Graph showing Percentage of Population Recruited in New Zealand 537
II.—Casualties in N.Z. Expeditionary Force 538
III.—Analysis of Deaths by Disease 539
IV.—Composition of the New Zealand Division in 1918—Personnel 540
Appendix C. I.—Note on Medical Arrangements for the landing at Anzac 541
II.—Dysentery at Anzac 542
III.—Scale of Rations on Gallipoli 543
Appendix D. I.—Medical Officers Training School 1916/1917. Syllabus of Course 544
II.—Examination Paper Set at 4th Course, 1917 545
III.—N.Z. Divisional Sanitary School Syllabus of Training 546
Appendix E. I.—War Organisation of Medical Headquarters in New Zealand, 1918 548
II.—War Pensions in New Zealand 549
Appendix II.—Bibliography and Notes for Student of Military Medical History 550
List of Maps (in pocket).
1. General Staff Map—N.W. Europe, part 1 and part of 4 1/250,000
2. General Staff Map—N.W. Europe, part 4 1/250,000
3 Map of Anzac—Compiled by New Zealand Governmen