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With the Cameliers in Palestine

List of Illustrations

page 18

List of Illustrations

Representatives of I.C.C. Frontispiece. To face page
Machine-gun Company 24
Camel Company Advancing 24
Camel Cacolet 25
Sikh Tug-of-War Team 25
Ready to March 32
Marching Order 32
Watering from a Well 33
Veterinary Sergeant at Work 33
Camelier’s Equipment 40
Camels Feeding 40
Bikanir Camel 41
Egyptian Camel 41
Camel Company Camp, Arnussi 48
Two Companies at Rhum 48
Mid-day Halt 49
Camel Patrol, Sinai 49
Outskirts of Gaza 80
View of Gaza 80
Turks in Trenches near Gaza 81
British Tank, near Gaza 96
I.C.C. at Beersheba 96
El Auja Viaduct, blown up by I.C.C 104
Esbeita Viaduct, blown up by I.C.C 104
Turkish Cavalry near Gaza 105
General Sir E. H. H. Allenby 120
Lieut.-General Sir H. G. Chauvel 120
Brig.-General C. L. Smith, V.C. 121
Brig.-General C. F. Watson, first in Jerusalem 144
Reading Proclamation at Jerusalem 145
I.C.C. crossing Jordan River 160
Road to Amman 160
Ten days without a wash, Jordan Valley 161
Arabs near Amman 161
Where the Mounted Forces were supposed to be 200
Where the Mounted Forces really were 200
Nablus 201 page 19
Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee 201
Section of Second N.Z. Machine-gun Squadron 224
Jisr Binat Yakub Bridge 224
Barada Gorge, September, 1918 225
Barada Gorge, 1919 225
View of Damascus 230
Strait Street, Damascus 230
Great Bazaar, Damascus 231
View of Baalbek 231
Hygiene Class 234
Wool, Classing 234
Motor Mechanics 235
T. Major J. Robertson 235
Memorial to Imperial Camel Corps, London 238
British Military Cemetery, Jerusalem 239