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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 66 and 67

The invalidity of the genus Protullbergia Bagnall, 1947

The invalidity of the genus Protullbergia Bagnall, 1947

When Bagnall erected the genus Protullbergia, he chose Tullbergia trisetosa Sehaeffer as the type species, basing his separation on such variable characters as the pseudocelli, unguiculus and antennal base. These characters do not warrant generic distinction, and hence Bagnall's genus must be rejected as a subjective synonym of Tullbergia Lubbock, 1876.

Of the three new species described by Bagnall as belonging to his Protullbergia only one, P. womersleyi, is valid. Examination of Bagnall's specimens show that P. salmoni Bagnall is identical with Tullbergia australica Womersley, 1933, and P. willemi Bagnall is identical with Dinaphorura diversispina Womersley, 1935.