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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 66 and 67

Tullbergia affinis Boerner, 1903 — Figs. 16-19

page 6

Tullbergia affinis Boerner, 1903
Figs. 16-19

These drawings were made from the holotype in the BMNH. They agree very closely with the figures of this species drawn by Axelson (1906) and later reproduced by Womersley (1930, p.37). Stach 1951, p.15 and 1954, pl.26) figured this species but his Fig. 1 of the PAO appears to have been taken from a species other than affinis. Gisin (1960, pp.19, 154) also included two figures dealing with this species.

Notes: Length 1.2 mm. Ant IV with apical knob and six sub-apical curved sense rods. PAO in a deep cuticular groove, claw with short broad seta to each side, and very small vestigial unguiculus. Anal spines strongly curved, on papillae almost half as long as the spines. Clothing of short setae.