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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 66 and 67

Tullbergia mixta Wahlgren, 1906 — Figs. 9-15

Tullbergia mixta Wahlgren, 1906
Figs. 9-15

This species was recorded by Enderlein (1909) and by Gressitt and Weber (1959) from Graham Land and the South Shetland Islands. Several specimens were also collected by T. S. and R. E. Leech in 1961 from Admiralty Bay F.I.D.S. Base, Deception Island and from Greenwich Island, South Shetland Islands. I have identified this species recently in New Zealand at Riwaka, near Nelson. This species also, has not previously been illustrated. The figures given here are from specimens from Admiralty Bay. These specimens mounted on slides are deposited as hypotypes in the B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

Notes: Clothing on Ant IV includes stout curved blunt-nosed sensory setae, three short slender tapering apical sensory setae, 6-8 longer tapering somewhat blunt-nosed sensory setae, a single short subapical sense-rod in a pit, an apical trilobed sensory vesicle, and numerous long setae especially around the posterior border of the segment (Fig. 12). SO Ant III with four bent sense clubs and two very small sense-rods in pits with four guard setae, which is a much more complicated sense organ than originally described (Fig. 13); Abd VI anterior to the anal spines, with two parallel rows of five setae each (Fig. 9); Figs. 10 and 11 show the setae of the genital region. The claw (Fig. 15) bears a number of apical tibiotarsal setae and two basal setae, and is granulated basally. Some feet show an enlarged granule where the unguiculus should arise but this does not appear to be a normal feature. The PAO has 48-52 vesicles as in Fig. 14.

The body clothing is moderate with both short and long simple setae.

PSO one on each antennal base, one on each hind margin of head ThI 0+0, ThII 0+0, ThIII 1+1, AbdI 0+0, AbdII 0+0, Abd III 0+0, AbdIV 1+1, AbdV 1+1, AbdVI 0+0.

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Figs. 9-15 Tullbergia mixta Wahlgren, drawn from hypotypes deposited with the B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

Figs. 9-15 Tullbergia mixta Wahlgren, drawn from hypotypes deposited with the B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu.

Fig. 9 Abd VI with anal spines and associated dorsal setae × 320
Fig. 10 genital aperture of male × 800
Fig. 11 genital aperture of female × 512
Fig. 12 Ant IV × 800
Fig. 13 SO Ant III × 1000
Fig. 14 PAO × 1280
Fig. 15 middle foot × 1000