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Zoology Publications from Victoria University of Wellington—Nos. 66 and 67

Xenylla rhodesiensis Womersley, 1926 — Figs. 90-95

page 20

Xenylla rhodesiensis Womersley, 1926
Figs. 90-95

When Womersley (1926, p.153) described this species the figures he included were rather inadequate. Specimens labelled cotypes are in the BMNH and I was able to prepare new figures from these.

Notes: The tenent hairs on the feet are 1,2,2, not 2,3,3, as given by Womersley; the large central seta of the tibiotarsus (Fig. 92) is not a clavate tenent hair. The sensory structures of Ants III and IV are as shown in Figs. 93 and 94. The anal spines (Fig. 91) are very small, not bigger than three cuticular granules. Rami of tenaculum each with three barbs. Length to 0.6 mm.