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Victoria University Antarctic Research Expedition Science and Logistics Reports 1970-71: VUWAE 15



NOTE: The geological work of Barrett and Kohn will include at all localities bed by bed measurements, description and regular sampling of the Beacon formations. Paleocurrent measurements will be taken 1 where possible. Ritchie will collect extensively in the Devonian Fish beds. Grapes will describe and collect from the basalts, dolerites and the adjacent metamorphosed sediments. Notes and sketches of local geology will be made for later use in map compilation. Each geologist will be accompanied by a field assistant.

Nov. 1 Barrett and Kohn arrive at Scott Base.
PHASE I Nov. 2-7 Preparation for field.
PHASE I Nov. 8-15 Barrett and Kohn work in the Beacon Heights area.
PHASE I Nov. 16 Ritchie and Grapes arrive at Scott Base.
PHASE IIa Nov. 16-20 Final preparations and reconnaissance for Skelton Neve.
PHASE IIa Nov. 21 Barrett, Grapes, Kohn and Ritchie put in by C-130 on Skelton Neve.
PHASE IIa Nov. 21-Dec. 11 Entire party works in Skelton Neve.
PHASE IIa Dec. 11-Jan. 8 Barrett and Ritchie continue work by toboggan around the Skelton Neve and north to Mt. Bastion.
PHASE II Dec. 12 C-130 transfers Grapes to Allan Hills, and Kohn to Scott Base.
PHASE IIb Dec. 12-Jan. 20 Grapes works in the Allan Hills area.
PHASE IIc Dec, 12-Jan. 8 Kohn works with helo support in Victoria Valley System mainly.
PHASE IIIa Jan. 10 Barrett and Kohn put in to Darwin Mountains by C-130. Ritchie taken to Scott Base.
PHASE a Jan. 10-Feb. 6 Barrett and Kohn work with toboggan around Darwin Mountains.
PHASE Jan 12 Ritchie returns to Christchurch.
PHASE Jan 22 Grapes returns to Christchurch.
PHASE Feb. 8 Barrett and Kohn return to Christchurch.