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The Spike: or, Victoria College Review, 1939

Graduates 1939

page 52

Graduates 1939

Masters of Arts with Honours.

Berendsen, I. E. (1st Class in French).

Castle, Olive M. (2nd Class in Mathematics).

Cunninghame, R. R. (1 st Class in English).

Dearnley, E. R. (2nd Class in Mathematics).

Dunkley. Florence J. W. (2nd Class in English and Latin).

Hartill. Constance N. (2nd Class in Latin and French).

Masters of Arts.

Bullen. Nancy M. M. (French).

Crane. E. A. (History).

Eyres, D. F. B. (History).

Henderson, H. A. (History).

Reid. R. M. H. (Economics).

Bachelors of Arts.

Banks, N. L.

Bleakley. C. H.

Bliss, G. B. C.

Bray, D. H.

Brooker, F.J.

Bythell, J. M.

Carrel. E. M.

Coddington. E. C.

Corkill. R. J.

Costello, Agnes A.

Dutton, Laura E.

Fletcher, Marie L.

Fletcher. Ruth M.

Gallagher. C. V.

Greig. Oenone M.

Greenberg. S.

Hefford, Sylvia E.

Hodgson. Amy L.

Jones. L.

Larkin, T. C.

Lewis, A. S.

McEwen. Lorna F.

Mclver. R. D.

McKinney. J. B.

Magill. P. J.

Martin. R. W. J.

Pettit, Hazel M.

Ratliff, Movra D.

Smith. L. D.

Smith, M. Justine.

Steuart. Doreen H. D.

Webster, C. A.

Wilson. R. G. G.

Wood. J. C.

Masters of Science with Honours.

Fell, H. B. (1st Class in Zoology).

Neubauer, L. G. (1st Class in Chemistry).

Walker, I. K. (2nd Class in Chemistry).

Masters of Science.

Quennell. A. M. (Geology).

Rowan, G. A. (Mathematics).

Suckling, E. E. (Physics).

Bachelors of Science.

Barker, A. J. D.

Hull, A. J.

Johnston. W. T. G.

Maysmor, Helen D.

Menendez. R. R.

Mitchell, W. S.

Osborn. Joy E. M.

Robertson. E. I.

Sandle, J. R.

Winstone, E. A.

Masters of Laws with Honours.

Braybrooke, E. K. (1st Class in International Law and Conflict of Laws, Contract and Torts. Negligence, etc.).

Meek, R. L. (1st Class in Jurisprudence, Contract and Torts, Trusts).

Masters of Laws.

Arcus, D. W. (International Law and Conflict of Laws, Real Property, Company Law).

Armour, A. H. (International Law and Conflict of Law, Contract and Toris, Company Law).

Miles, J. W. Y. (Jurisprudcncc, Real Property, Bankruptcy).

Bachelors of Laws.

Baird. R. W.

Davin. T. P.

Evans, H. J.

Evans, C. S.

Fry, E. J. W.

Gerard, J. D.

Hannah, B. J. E.

Johnstone, R. I.

Millar, J. G.

Ongley, J. A.

Reid, K. G.,

Shayle-George, S. J.

Simpson, R. S. V.

Turnbull. H. D.

page 53

Master of Commerce.

Fleming, J. (Economics and Company Law).

Bachelors of Commerce.

Boyd. J. A. McD.

Brown, J. K.

Champion, Gwenyth M.

Clift. F. H.

Cocker, T. C.

Cooper, C. F. P.

Craven, J. B.

Dixon, J. F.

Dwyer, Cecilia.

Fortune, F. W.

Harris, K.

Hartley, J.

Isaac, W. A. D.

Kelly, E. H.

Lennie, J. McD.

Leonard, C. P.

Long, A. C.

McAllister, I. D.

McGregor, A.

Marris, N. A.

Mills, E. W.

O'Donnell, J. B.

Pasley, P. G.

Redward, J. C.

Renouf, F. H.

Spackman, F. O.

Wilson. D. M.

Winter, D. J.

Diplomas in Education

Pitcaithly, N. P.

Ramson, F. S.


Prizes were awarded as follows:—

Chief Justice's Prize—R. W. Burnard; Butterworth's Prize—J. F. Northey; Bruce Dall Prize—H. J. Barr; John P. Good Prize—P. B. D. de la Mare; New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Prize; P. B. D. de la Mare.

Meek, R. L., awarded Strathcona Research Studentship, St. John's College, Cambridge.