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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 17.



Dear "Smad,"—

In your issue of August 5, under the heading "Nutshell Knowledge," one reads in an article by "Spectator": "The dispute about evolution is not dead. Haven't you heard Professor Kirk apologising for having to lecture about it?" I say very emphatically that no one has ever heard Professor Kirk doing anything of the kind.

My position, which I try to explain to my students, is this:—There is no doubt whatever as to the complete establishment of evolution or as to its human and philosophical importance. Yet I know that there are many people that it a stumbling block, and I would as lief destroy a child's belief in the story of Cinderella or knock the crutch from under the arm of a cripple as I would upset a faith that, if it is firmly held, means much to many a man and woman. I endeavour. therefore, to make it clear to my students that it is my business to place before them the evidence for evolution, and, when it seems to me there is anything that can be said against it that also; but it is not my business to make evolutionists of them. I say I endeavour to make it clear to my students; but if "Spectator" has had the hard luck to be one them. it is evident I did not suceed in his case. It is possible wrongly to estimate the contents of a nutshell.—I am. etc.,

H. B. Kirk.