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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 11.

The Plunket Medal

The Plunket Medal

In our last issue, a correspondent declared that the question of the making of the Union Prize a preliminary hurdle to the Plunket Medal should be considered. Our considered opinion is that this view is right—the present method of selection being by no means correct.

In the event of more orators than the requisite number entering what could be more just than a preliminary trial should be held. Not only would it give those selected a little, perhaps necessary, experience but at the same time it would give the other participants experieence which they place before the prize, and which now does not obtain.

This seems to us to be one of the many matters which a lethargic-growing University should take in hand.

Mr. P. Macaskill,

as a studnet of long standing at V.U.C. spoke long and vociferously to our reporter. He urged students to take more interest in Varsity affairs, and especially to advertise the College favourably to the public, so that membership of the V.U.C. Students' Association might be a boast and not a confession. He instanced the appalling apathy of students by saying that out of a College of 700, only about 150 braved the discomforts of the Gym. to see "Journey's End"—a prduction of an exceedingly high stanard.

In conclusion, Mr. Macaskill guggested that subsidiary organisations such as Weir House should see that their fixtures do not clash.

Mr. M. J. Mason. B.A.

has had a formidable career of Club service in V.U.C. He is President of the Haeremai Club, and was last year President of the Weir House Association. In addition to these offices, Mr. Mason has held that of Swimming Club Captain for two years, he has been a blud for three years and has represented his College at Tournament four times. There are three main planks in his platform: the removal of unnecessary restrictions imposed by a public-pandering Prof. Board, the maintence of the standard of blues, and the pushing of the building fund. (Have you heard of it?)

Mr. M. H. Oram. B.A.

was taken rather by surprise, for "Smad" rang him in the very early hours, this morning. Mr. Oram is a member of the retiring Men's Common Room Committee, and also Secretary of the Men's Hockey Club. He wears plus fours. He wished to propose two points to the electors: first, the more direct representation of students in general college administration; and second, the provision of bigger and better groiunds and College building. Of these two policies, Mr. Oram said he was definitely in support.

Mr. A. R. Perry, LL.B.

asked to justify his existence, stated that his aims are: a drive among clubs and students for a year to put us in a suitable position to ask graduates, public and Government for financial support; in order to prevent any further trouble with club accounts, the Executive should lay down a standard system of bookkeeping for clubs; the justification of the autonomy of the student body by the maintenance of its rights, particularly by student representation on the COllege Council.

He is Treasurer of the Wellington L.S.S., ex-Secretary and committee member of the Debating Society, and last but not least, Secretary of Federated Mountain Club of N.Z.

Miss Suaie Sanders,

who will be completing her B.A. this year is a candidate for the Committee. She is now Captain of Victoria House for the second time, is a member of the Swimming Club Committee, and has twice represented her College at Tournament. Miss Sanders is also Secretary of both the Glee Club and the Ladies' Gym. Club. When approached concerning her policy, Miss Sanders was reticent, but we gathered that she would like a new hostel for girl students, that she would like to see debates livened up a bit, and that she would do her utmost to push the building fund.

Mr. J. N. Sellers.

Nesbitt was surprised to find himself nominated. Out of his astonishment he gave us the following alms: to show the Prof. Board that a Capping Controller has been appointed by January next for a procession (having at least ten stunts and £20 spent on it);; to make strenuous efforts to participate in Mr. Savage's 1940 Bounty; to overcome the general apathy descending on us by a general brightening up of things.

He approves of the action of the Executie in writing to the Dominion.

He was a member of the Debating Society which was asked to resign, once a member of the Haeremai Club's Committee (in its hey-day) and last year's News Editor of "Smad."

Miss ML J. Stock, B.A.,

who was elected to the Executive in October, 1935, was exceedingly modest, but we gathered the information that she is on the Committee of the Women's Club, the Swimming Club, the Debating Society, and also on the New Speakers' Committee. Miss Stock emphasised the need for teamwork and efficiency in Executive matters and suggested it might be a good thing to cut some of the rowdyism associated with the more dignified functions of Capping.

Miss D. Tossman

is President of the V.U.C. Dramatic Club, the only flourishing intellectual institution in the College. In speaking of the building fund, Miss Tossman said that students should bestir themselves in the matter, and not leave all the work to the Committee. It was also important, she said, to make a favourable impression on the public in order that underable publicity of the kind to which the Students' Association has been subjected recently, should not prejudice our chances, when we do eventually take round subscription lists for the new Student Union building.

Mr. J. C. White, LL.B.

Last year's Editor of "Smad," John White is standing for the Vice-Presidency. His offices this year are:—Delegate and Secretary Treasurer of the Tournament Committee, Chairman of the Wellington Law Students' Society and Chairman of the law Faculty Club.

His aims:—"I should like to see the Executive continue as an efficient business organisaton with however, the ideals of the tru University for its chief consideration. Interest seems to be flaging in some of the leading Club—the reasons should be sought out and removed. A Capping Committee should control Capping Week and every endeavour should be made to reinstate the Procession. "Smad" should..." ("100 words up," we thankfully remarkd gathering up our papers.)