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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 11.

Chaos Out of Order?

Chaos Out of Order?

Debating Society

Feeling they had not the confidence of a large section of students, the whole committee of the Debating Society except Mr. A. F. T. Chrloton regined. Tony, in accordance with Regulation so-and-so etc., called for nominations. At the meeting on Friday, the minutes of the last committee meeting were read and Tony was quite in a flurry whether it would be constitutional for him to intitial those minutes, as he was the only member of the committee present. That was soon settled.

Then the fireworks began. Evidently there was a list of nominations, all proposed by the same people, but one of the nominators was also one of the nominees. course that particular nomination was invalid but the point in question was—would that invalidate the whole shebang?

Fierece discussion raged until somebody moved that the time for reception of nominations be extened as there were several who would have been nominated except for a misunderstanding as to the final time of entry. The chairman inveigled strongly against this, ruling that it was decidedly unconstitutional. Mr. H. R. C. Wild then took the chair and proceeded with the lections which resulted as follows:—

Vice-President, Miss M. Shortall; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. R. W. Edgley; Hon. Secretary, Mr. R. E. Jack; Committee, Misses D. Souter and M. J. Stock, Messrs. Scotney and Perry.

Impromptu debates then beguiled the time till supper.

Miss H. M. Fletcher

is a candidate for the Committee. lis a candidate for the Committee. She will be completing her B.A. this year, and is a prominent member of the V.U.C. Students' Chritian Movement. Miss Fletcher was like most of the women candidates, in that she was decidedly noncommittal, but we gathered that she would like to see every endeavour made to improve the standing of the College in the eyes of the public.

Miss G. N. Kean

was, we are afraid, caught off her guard. "Smad" approached her as she was ladling cream out of an enormous basin, in preparation for supper at the Hockey Club's Dnace.

Under these conditions, Miss Kean declined to make any remarks to our representative, but she groaned audibly about unclean crockery in the Gym. kitchen, and said she was a member of the Hockey Club Committee and an A Hockey player.