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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 11.

Exclusive To "Smad"—Interviews With Executive Candidates

Exclusive To "Smad"—Interviews With Executive Candidates.

By working for days at light pressure, "Smad" has been able one again to present its readers with the very latest in news service—exclusive interv iews with the candidated for the forthcoming Students Association Stakes. It is understood that the keynote of the coming contest is to be the building fund, and the old school tie.

The Nominations:


Mr. H. R. C. Wild (elected unopposed.)

Men's Vice-President:

Mr. E. Blacker.

Mr. J. C. White, LL.B.

Women's Vice-President:

Miss N. M. McLaren (elected unopposed.)

Hon. Secretary:

Mr. R. C. Connell, LL.B.

Mr. D. R. Currie.

Hon. Treasurer:

Mr. E. G. Budge, M.A. (Elected unopposed.)

Committee (Two be elected):

E. Blacker, A.M. Inst. C.E.

L. O. Desborough, A.R.A.N.Z., A.I.A.N.Z.

R. W. Edgley.

M. Liddle.

P. Macaskill.

M. J. Mason, B.A.

M. H. Oram, B.A.

A. R. Perry, LL.B.

J. N. Sellers, B.A.

Women (Three to be elected):

Miss I. E. Dickens, B.A.

Miss P. M. P. Edwards, B.A.

Miss H. M. Fletcher.

Miss G. M. Kean.

Miss S. J. Sanders.

Miss M. J. Stock, B.A.

Miss D. Tossman.

Mr. H. R. C. Wild, LL.M.

"I have not got much to say," sad Dick looking coy.

He believes that the Executive's job is to carry out the administrative work of the association and that is its main function, and a steady building up of the building fund should be maintained.

He is Vice-Captain of the Football Club and was Chairman of the Tournament Committee. He is elected unopposed to the Presidency.

Miss N. M. McLaren,

New Women's Vice-President, refused to give us an information regarding her committee work at the College, but we know that it has been varied and useful. She did, however, say that the calibre of the women at V.U.C. made any one of them fitted to be an Executive member.

Mr. E. G. Budge, M.A.,

has been Secretary and Chairman of the Men's Common Room Committee, he is Secretary of the Commerce Society, and President V.U.C. Tennis Club. He is at present Assistant Comptroller of the Cafeteria.

Mr. E. Blacker. A.M. Inst. C.E.

when asked what his aims were, at the Hockey Dance, wanted to know whether we meant to-night.

He is in favour of processions being held if of sufficient merit, of a strenuous effort to get a new buiilding within the next four years, and of student representation on the College Council He is not favour of half blues.

He is Captain of the Football Club and First SV., a committee member of the Cricket Club, and also Captain of the Social team.

Mr. R.C. Connell, LL.B.

Being Editor of "Smad," Mr. Connell was not over-reticent. "My aim, if elected," he said, "is to provde a billiard table for the men's Common Room; to push the building fund; to equalise graduation fees, and to arrange for the payment of November exam. fees later in the year, as in Australia. Mr. Connell is the youngest LL.B. in New Zealand, a member of the Committee of the Law Faculty Club, and Hon. Secretary of the Wellington Law Students' Society.

Mr. D. R. Currie

declares that his aims are to get exams shifted away from the Winter Show Building, to carry on with the excellent work of the present Secretary, and to abolish the Prof. Board restrictions on student activities.

He was reluetant to say more, but he is Vice-President of the Science Society, on the Committee the Free Discussions Club, and Chairman of the Men's Common Room Committee. "Smad" indubitably wishes him success.

Mr. L. O. Desborough, A.R.A.NZ., A.I.A.N.Z.

is at present Secretary of the Football Club. When interviewed, Mr. Desborough was in a hurry to join Mr. Blacker in extending the big hand to the Massey College First XV, who were on their way south to play Lincoln Agricultural College. Nevertheless we had time to ask him what he thought of the banning of the Procesh. Mr. Desborough considers that provided the fun is clever and clean, no ban of should be placed on Capping activities.

Miss I. E. Dickens, B.A.

After much hectic telephoning, we eventually arranged an interview with Miss Dickens, whom we found charmingly modest. Perhaps that is because she is Secretary of the Women's Club. Miss Dickens was not to be drawn on the question of Cappin, nor on that general student administration; and (loud praises from us!) she did not mention the building fund.

Mr. R. W. Edgley.

the present President of Weir House, is Captain of the Boxing Club, and has been awarded a New Zealand University blue. He is also a member of the 1st XI and Secretary of the Cricket Club. Mr. Edgley is also Treasurer of the Debating Society, is on the Committee of the Law Faculty Club. Mr. Edgley considers that the control of students' affairs, club and social activities should not be in the hands of past students. He is also in favour of keeping on-side with the publice.

Miss P. M. P. Edwards, B.A.

On Sunday night I interviewed Miss Pat Edwards as a prospective candidate for the Executive—a delightful experience.

It appears that she is a high light (metaphoricially only) in the Tennis Club, the Debting Club, and the Dramatic Clb. She is (or was a Tennis blue for two years. She has a cold bath before breakfast every morning. She dislikes "Smad." She has no opinion of the Professorial Board. Altogether the ideal candidate.