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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 10.

Extrav. Again

Extrav. Again

Dear "Smad,"—

"The Critic's" critiscism of Extrav. make-up, raises a point of principle which I should like trail through your columns.

No amount of make-up can make unlike people alike. Thought and care went into the make-ups and beyond suggesting the character by make-up, actions, and dress, only good casting can make the job convincing. My advice is that if possible, real persons should be carcatured and by that I do not mean made absurd. One or two important characteristics should exaggerated.

To expect actors to resemble other jpeople in all respects is absurd and childish. To caricature other people is simple and effective, but to do too much as "The Critics" suggest, is to ruin the desired effect.

[Other correspondence held.—Ed.]

Yours, etc.,