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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 10.

More Home Truths?

More Home Truths?

Not much good, I suspect, to say "I toll you so." nor need we mix tears with our spilt milk. But the procession has gone and I feel a little bitter because from the Era of Long Division I have been possessed of a vast ambition to be in a university capping procession, only to find on reaching the qualifying status that no sane, cleanmainded, decent man could possibly take part.

As the advertisers blithely prevaricate, "Beer is best"—but not for capping processions. And the penchant of the Haeremai Club and its ilk for post-processional spots ha filled the procession with lads with a taste for beer but no other kind of taste, and effectively excluded anyone with a sense of humour.

So the gentelmen, with mud where their brains ought to have been, are forbidden their Grand Annaul Burlesque on Womankind. Women arre a most absorbing joke. I burst laughing whenever I see one. And women's clothing forms the stock humour at V.U.C. There is no other worth mentioning. More-over, that women have the requisite sense of humour, but no sense of decency is proved by the fact that they don't object. A similar parade of mascuiline sensitivities would mean the lynching of someone.

This isn't constructive. It's just an expression of annoyance that the corruption in University life, apparent mainly in the Capping celebrations with a rare mixutre of snobbishness, ignorance, and uncleanness, should have to be taken up by the mobile vulgus, the vox unpopuli, before being noticed by the University authorities.

Good luck to the Rev. Andrews!

Yours etc.,

Sweet Rosmary.