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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 10.

Mr. Charles F. Andrews

Mr. Charles F. Andrews

Victoria College is to have an opportunity of meeting Mr. C. F. Andrews who, at the age of 65, has come to visit these shores. It is a sobering thought to realise that Mr. Andrews had achieved th honours to which some of us aspire long before most of us saw the light of day. In 1990 Mr. Andrews, vice-Preincipal of Westcott House, Cambridge, was made a Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he hhad himself graduated. In 1908 he was made a Fellow of Punjab University.

And so his main life-work has been associated with India. In 1913 Mr. Andrews joined Rabindranath Tagore's Institution at Saniketan and in that year went to South Africa to help in the Smuts-Ghandi agreement. From then on his life has been a round of conferences and missions, during which time he has also acted as correspondent to many newspapers and periodicals, including the Manchester Guardian.

Mr. C. F. Andrews is a brave man. Whether one agrees with him or disagrees with him, one cannot help admiring the consistency with which he has maintained his principles. Wherever he has seen injustice, hypocrisy and evil, he has fearlessly exposed them, often with a fine disregard for personal safety.

Mr. Charles F. Andrews

The programme for Mr. Andrews is:—At 8 p.m., June 23, in the Gym: Welcome and Address, "Christ and Human Need." In the Physics Room, June 24th, "The Meaning of the Cross"; 25th, "The Power of the Spirit"; 26th, "The Abiding Presence." He will canduct the two usual Church services in Sunday, June 28, and a special service for students only in the Terrace Congregational Church at 8.30 p.m.

He will be spending from 6 to 8 p.m. at V.U.C. during this week, in the room of Mr. A. B Cocheran. where he would be very pleased to speak with any student on any subject at all, be it India. Cambridge, ect.