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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 9.

The Executie Meets

The Executie Meets.

8.2 p.m. found "Smad" at the Executive Room in a flurry at being late, only to find that the President, Vice-President and Secretary were the only ones present. However, the rest arrived and the minutes of the previous meeting were mumbled by McGhie and confirmed.

Mr. McGhie asked his colleagues whether, owing to the increase of the work devolving upon him in his official capacity, it would not be possible to appoint an assistant-secretary?

The matter was lost sight of in a welter of gas, and Mac went on to describe with elaborate detail how he had purchased a new duplicator for £20, which would have cost any other than an Aberdonian £27/10/-. (Acclamation.)

Scotney arrived at 9 p.m. and immediately started the opposition though at periods he was screamed down by the ladies. The main subject, however, of the evening aroused considerable discussion, the vexed question of Massey College representation. A letter from the N.Z.U. Tourament Committee was read setting forth its recommendaton that Massey college be united with Victoria for the purposes of Tournament, thus giving to Massey students the opportunity to win a N.Z.U. blue. It was pointed out that Canterbury made good use of Lincoln College—Massey's southera counterpart, and that Otago had its dental and medical students. It was, therefore, not unreasonable to expect VBictoria to fall into line.

It was gently hinted that the inclusion of Massey might raise the standard of Victoria's attainments.

The President remarked that he had devoted considerable thought to the matter recetly (See how the platitudes of the politicians have insinuated themselves into our councils!) and that his views had somewhat changed. He thought the request was not unreasonable. A motion was moved by Mr. Birks and denouneed by Mr. Wild who stated that as the matter was one for the sports bodies concerned-football, tennis, hockey, swimming, athletics...

Miss McLaren: Basketball? (Laughter.)

... and for the body of the students in general. A recommendation either way by the Executive would weigh too heavily with the student who, after all, were the ones vitally concerned. Hence it was imperative that the Executive be strictly neutral." The motion was lost.

That matter was finally left over for the new committee. It would not, however, be breaking a confidence if it were stated that the general spirit of the meeting was pro-Massey