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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 9.

Capping Caterpillars

Capping Caterpillars

Dear "Smad,"

It has been said that critics often take from the tree caterppillars and blossoms together. We take that risk without fear because the Capping caterpillars were big enough and hairy enough to be indentified without trouble.

Capping week was full of blemishes; few could see anythign funny in a puerile Capping book while the Procession hardly caused a smile, unless it was derisive. Surely it is obvious to the Ececutive that a Capping Comptroller should be appointed so that these two essential parts of Capping are properly organised and livened up.

A part from these blots on the eseutcheon Capping was successful, the Extray., Undergrads' Supper, Cermony and Ball being of a high order. Even here, however, we think we can see room for improvement.

The extray. was not assisted by those who attempted to be funny in the boxex, for although the idea was good, the jokes were about as puerile as those in the Capping Book. As non-actors we also take the liberty to criticise the dramatis personae. Is it not possible to pay more attention to make up and to the outstanding traits of those who are imnersonated? If the N.Z. politicians had approached Bernard Shaw in this respect the effect would have been 100 per cent. better.

We think the Undergrads' Supper is too full of words. A song for absent friends is surely enough while there seems little necessity for a toast to the ladies. Perhaps the Prof. Board and Exec., who apparently live together in such perfect amity, might be combined into one toast! These economies in speech making would, we feel sure, be much appreciated.

The Ceremony and Ball defeat us.

Yours, etc.

The Critics.