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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1936. Volume 7. Number 8.

The Cappicade Market — Comptroller Currie Speaks

The Cappicade Market

Comptroller Currie Speaks

After pushing through a crowd of "all sorts and conditions of men" "Smad" finally made his way to where Mr. Currie sat, with worried brow, half hidden by piles of pennies, sixpences, half-crowns and even notes.

"How are sales going?" we asked anviously. But instead of answering our question, Mr. Currie said, "There is one imprtant thing everyone should know-the quality of Cappicade is not high enough to make it sell itself. Our sales are due to the fact that the publication is being pushed and pushed hard."

"But how are the sales?" we asked again.

"From the shop itself they're —" (meaning they were not very good); from the retail shops around town they exceed expectations; and from the hard-working lads round town they're also very good."

This optimistic remark was ignored by that wizard of propaganda, but as a parting shot he remarked, "The idea of having the Procession after the Extrav. is ridiculous. To-day (Friday) should have been a peak (peach) if the Procession had been held-we've lost £30 over it, but we'll do our best."