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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1935. Volume 6. Number 17.

The World Whirlpool

The World Whirlpool.

"You are of the legion of the damned," said Captain H. M. Rushworth, M.I'., speaking last Thursday at a Free Discussions Club meeting. He said that he had been born at a time when there was some measure of stability and future hope and outlook for the young, but now nothing was certain but uncertainty.

Economic Situation.

The economic position was well summarised by the statement that population was increasing as the square, production as the cube, and debt as the fourth power of the increment of time. Despite the manifest success of the modern productive system, the distributive-money-system was failing to enable nations to purchase the whole of their output. From this resulted the absurd, though universal, struggle to export and to resist imports, which was the basic cause of international friction. For the causes of war, formerly dynastic, were now essentially economic.

The European Position

Even if the League of Nations had not been proved ineffective by its unsuccessful attempt to stem Japan's not unreasonable action in China in 1932-3, it would certainly perish if it failed in the Abyssinian dispute. Should this happen the only present hope of peace was the balance of power in Europe. Hence the extremely delicate position of France, who relies on Italy to prevent the fusion of Germany and Austria, but dared not support Italy on pain of becoming an outcast.


Notice is hereby given that certain monies are held by the Victoria College branch of the Student Christian Movement, in respect of sales of books on behalf of students, made during the period in which the Bookstall was open in 1933 and 1934.

As every effort has been made to trace the persons to whom the monies are due, without result, if no claims are received up to 8 p.m. on the 11th September, 1935, supported by sufficient evidence of the liability of the branch in respect of the debts, the monies will be paid to the funds of the New Zealand Student Christian Movement.

Victoria's list of 1935 successes ascends from the Tournament Drinking Trophy and Wooden Spoons to the dizzy heights of the Boxing Shield and the Bledisloe Medal. Can we maintain this dizzy progress? One shilling to-morrow night (Thursday) at the Gym. will give you the answer and the oil on abysinnia and elsewhere, which is more than Mr. Ricketts seems likely to get for a much larger sum.