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SMAD. An Organ of Student Opinion. 1935. Volume 6. Number 17.

"Latin Literature-and a Law Student."

"Latin Literature-and a Law Student."

"Smad" was recently informed by that tall and affable member of the Law Faculty, Mr. Sivyer, that he intends shortly to burst upon the realms of the classics with a new and compendious treatise on Latin Literature. Having embarked on Stage I Latin year ago, Mr. Sivyer informs us that he met with such unprecendented success in those realms and became so steeped in admiration for the ancient language, that he has since been unable to tear himself from the study of the said subject at the said stage. "Curiously enough," adds Mr. Sivyer, "the set books I am studying for Stage I this year are the only classical works I have not touched on in the course of my very extensive reading in Latin literature since entering the College. My literary venture," he goes on, "is nearing completion, but I propose to postpone its publication till I have dipped deeply into the said books, with a view to avoiding any possible omissions." Mr. Sivyer informs me that the study of Latin literature is a somewhat unusual and novel idea for a Law student, but nevertheless he is fully confident of setting an unparalleled precedent by soaring beyond the law realms into the sphere of pure academics, and producing a work that will outshine such shorter productions as "Mackail's" and "Wight-Duff's" Latin literatures. Mr. Sivyer adds as a parting reminder, however, that he considers such a course of reading in Latin literature is just a little too extreme, perhaps, for students of lesser ability also endeavouring to pass Stage I Well done, Harold!

Magna Cum Spe Expectamus.

* * *

Director: "Have you ever had any stage experience?"

She: "Well, I had a leg in a cast once."